Shopify Store Design Breakdown: Willow and Albert showcases its niche products within a store designed to reflect their brand

Your Shopify store design reflects who you are as a brand. When designing Willow and Albert’s storefront, we wanted to help them reflect their brand personality through their virtual presence. The brand wanted a sleek look without any clutter to distract their shoppers. 

Here are 8 ways we set up the Willow and Albert Shopify store design to provide a positive shopping experience and make the virtual storefront look and feel like the brand itself.

8 Ways Willow and Albert Provides a Positive Shopping Experience

1. Immerse shoppers within their store using their brand colors

When selling online, you need to make shoppers recognize who you are with some design elements and styles within your online store or even within your social presence.

Willow and Albert distinguishes itself with its blue and gold colors. Across the online store, shoppers can experience the brand through these colors, even on their product pages where their CTA buttons pop out with their dark blue brand color.

These distinct colors immerse shoppers into the brand and provides a holistic experience that is unique to them. 

2. Streamline how shoppers view their different collections with multiple and structured dropdowns

Despite having a small and niche set of products, the brand has multiple categories and sub-categories. They didn’t want their shoppers to spend time looking for a specific category through the catalog. 

To simplify this search, we set up a structured dropdown on their menu so that shoppers can hover over a menu item like 'Furniture' and see all the different rooms for which they can buy furniture (like Living Room or Bedroom). They can then hover over these rooms to find specific types of furniture. 

This structured way of finding specific categories makes it easier for shoppers to get to their preferred categories.

Streamline how shoppers view their different collections with multiple and structured dropdowns

3. Add trending collections on the homepage

Willo and Albert allows shoppers to browse through their products based on where the product would usually be placed in their house. To make these collections more accessible, we placed them on the storefront so that store visitors can easily choose the room for which they are buying furniture.

Such a simple navigation feature makes Willow and Albert’s storefront more delightful to experience.

Add trending collections on the homepage

4. Switch colors of the product variants within the catalog

When browsing through their catalog, shoppers can easily switch colors for the product to see how the different variants would look. For most online stores, shoppers usually have to open the product and only then view the different variants available.

However, with this easy switch available right on the catalog, shoppers can have a smoother experience and don’t have to wait for the product page to load to understand how the product’s variants would look.

Switch colors of the product variants within the catalog

5. Keep information condensed in an accordion

Product pages usually have a lot of content and shoppers end up having to scroll through the page to get to the information they actually want to read. To make it easier to access product information on the product page, we arranged this information into a collapsible accordion so that shoppers can just click on the information they want to access and read about the details there.

Willow and Albert wanted to keep their information as easy to access and such functionality on the product page was the best way to do so.

Keep information condensed in an accordion

6. Product filters only on specific collections

The brand wanted to add product filters only on one specific collection. Since they usually have a small catalog for their larger furniture items, Willow and Albert didn’t want to add a filter on every collection. However, they have a sizable rug collection and wanted to give their shoppers the ease to narrow down their search.

We helped them set up this search filter functionality on just their ‘Rugs’ collection so that shoppers don’t have to go through every product within this collection to find their preferred item.

7. Allow shoppers to buy protection when purchasing items

Since the brand sells fragile items, Willow and Albert wanted to allow shoppers to buy added protection. With this, the item will be handled with care and even wrapped with extra layers of protective paper to ensure there aren't any scratches or damages during delivery.

Shoppers can choose to buy added protection when shopping their products so that they are assured that the product will be in good hands and will reach them without any damages. Having such an option gives shoppers more confidence when buying from the brand.

Allow shoppers to buy protection when purchasing items

8. Consistent look of product photos

One of the best parts of setting up the Willow and Albert store was that the brand’s product photos were taken by the interior designer and looked consistent across different pictures. The brand also used the same frame for each product photo and edit so that all images have the same treatment.

Such consistency makes the overall Shopify store design more pleasing and shoppers can even compare the different products of the same type more easily.

Set up a Shopify Store Design Like Willow and Albert!

We hope this design breakdown helps you understand how to deliver a virtual store design that is unique to your brand and looks and feels like you. 

Your Shopify store design is the most important touchpoint, making (or breaking) a positive first impression for any interested store visitors. By taking the time to research industry practices and defining who your brand is, you can cater to your potential shoppers better. 

However, setting up your store design might be time-consuming. Instead, you need a Shopify design expert to help you understand your needs and use their industry expertise to set up your Shopify store design for you.

Our team of Shopify design experts has worked with Shopify stores across the world to help them set up their perfect Shopify store design and help them launch a virtual presence that is true to their brand personality. 

Reach out to us on and we’ll help you set up your Shopify store design!

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