Founded in Singapore by Brandy Dallas, SANS FAFF stands for conscious consumption, simplicity in design and doing more with less.


As a minimalist womenswear label they are focused on producing limited pieces at limited quantities - to preserve resources and avoid waste. They say no to plastic, and think sustainability-first. They are not perfect, but eager to learn and evolve.


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Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

Sansfaff required a new e-commerce solution that is manageable, with a minimalistic design, a custom elevated appearance and represents the brand's values of CARE & SUSTAINABILITY.

The Solution

Xgentech crafted a visually striking design utilizing high-resolution imagery supplied by the client. The design, paired with a streamlined and user-friendly navigation, resulted in a seamless and smooth shopping experience for customers.

Crafted for Your Convenience

Our team of UX/UI designers crafted a sleek, modern website that effectively communicates the brand's message while providing an enjoyable user experience.


Our team designed a custom sustainability page to showcase the brand's commitment to supporting the environment and giving back to the planet. This page highlights the brand's initiatives and efforts to care for the earth, making it easy for customers to understand and support the brand's values.

Clean Interface

Xgentech have created a streamlined and easy-to-navigate layout that puts the focus on the most important aspects of the website, such as content, calls-to-action, and product offerings. This approach not only improves the overall aesthetic of the website, but it also leads to increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction."