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Why Shopify

With retail brands moving online and new industries cropping up due to changing needs, many entrepreneurs are setting up their eCommerce businesses to cater to different kinds of shoppers. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to be able to set up an online store quickly. If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform, we strongly recommend Shopify.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform built to help merchants take their business online. It is fast, responsive, and comes with a large set of features that make the platform highly customizable for any kind of merchant.

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Features Available for Shopify Merchants

Shopify allows you to set up your eCommerce store and the platform is designed keeping in mind the different needs a merchant would have. Here are 8 features available for Shopify merchants on the platform.

1. 100+ professional themes

When setting up your eCommerce store, it needs to be unique to you. Shopify’s Theme Store features more than 100 themes you can pick from. These themes serve as a skeleton for your Shopify store design. Using one of these themes, you can customize the look of the theme, change its layout, and make it your own.

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2. More than 4,200 Shopify Apps

Shopify’s App Store has a range of apps to choose from to allow you to add new functionalities to your store. From loyalty to marketing to store design, these apps are built to solve highly specific use cases and simplify your work in enabling new features on your Shopify store and scaling its growth.

Shopify’s app ecosystem is robust, with more than 4,200 Shopify apps creating apps for merchants. With this ecosystem, merchants on Shopify have an easier time finding solutions to their problems, no matter how niche their requirements are.

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3. Mobile responsive

79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months.  Your online store must be mobile responsive so that you can provide a smooth and frictionless experience to shoppers using mobile.

Shopify’s themes are built to be mobile responsive. This way, you can set up an online store that performs just as brilliantly as it does on the desktop. While setting up your store, you can also test different elements, like your product photos, text, etc, and learn how they appear on mobile.

4. 100 payment gateways

As a global platform, Shopify provides its merchants with an extensive list of 100+ payment gateways to choose from. This way, you can set up multiple options for your shoppers and ensure that you don’t lose shoppers who want a specific payment gateway.

5. Local language and currency

Sell your products in your local language and currency. Shopify allows you to localize your store to cater to your target audience. You can select the language and currency that you want to display on your store, making it easier to provide a localized experience.

6. Inventory management

Shopify allows you to upload your products, display them on your store, and manage your inventory. On the Shopify dashboard, you can view your inventory and keep an eye on low stocks or overstocked products. Shopify’s intuitive dashboard makes inventory management a breeze!

7. Sell on different marketplaces

Shopify also integrates with marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy so that you can diversify your sales and build visibility on these platforms. These sales channels can be managed and monitored on your Shopify dashboard.

This way, all your orders and customers from different sales channels can be viewed within Shopify, integrating your store’s details in one place.

8. Automatic taxes

Set up tax rates on your orders based on the countries and regions you will be selling and shipping your products to. These taxes will automatically be applied to your orders so that you don’t have to worry about manually adding taxes.

9. Monitor your performance

Shopify’s analytics allows you to see how your store is performing, how many shoppers are on your store at a given time, your conversions, and even your abandoned carts. These insights allow you to improve your Shopify store so that you can maximize your conversions, lower drop-offs, and reduce cart abandonment.

10. Flexible shipping rates

Set up your store’s shipping rates based on specific details like where the order is being shipped to and the weight of the package. Shopify allows you to set up dynamic shipping rates that are calculated based on specific parameters.

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Benefits of Shopify

1. Start your eCommerce business instantly

With Shopify, your setup time is short. This means that you can buy your domain, put your Shopify store design together, upload your inventory, and start selling within a day or two! Your eCommerce store can be up and running in no time, allowing you to start capturing new sales as quickly as possible.

This ease in setup and quick turnaround time makes Shopify the top choice for brands of all sizes.

2. Promote your products and your brand

With so many apps available, merchants can set up marketing strategies using different channels— email, social media, Facebook Messenger, web push. You can quickly integrate these channels, grow your followers/subscribers, and promote your product through these channels.

As an online store, it’s crucial to have a marketing strategy. If you have set up your store with Shopify, your marketing goals feel easier. For instance, you can set up the  Instagram app to let your audience on Instagram click on an image and be led to the product featured in the image. Or, you can enable a pop-up app like Privy on your store to continuously grow your email subscriber list.

3. Take your brand worldwide

No matter where you are situated, you can make your brand presence known globally. Shopify allows you to set up an eCommerce business and market it to people regardless of their location. This creates opportunities for new merchants to envision a global brand and strategically build their brand for worldwide success.

4. Scale your store as you grow

Shopify is built in such a way that you can scale your plan as you grow your business. When you start, you can set up your store with the Basic Shopify plan. As your store grows and your requirements increase, you can upgrade your plan accordingly.

This way, you don’t have to opt for the highest plan as soon as you start and instead, start with only the features you need. You can see how Shopify’s plans are broken down here.

5. Be part of a Shopify ecosystem

From app developers to merchants to experts, Shopify’s community is supportive, helpful, and global. Merchants from different parts of the globe can connect with different Shopify partners to get help, collaborate, and connect. This community presence is what makes Shopify so special.

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Set up your eCommerce business and start selling on Shopify

When compared to other eCommerce platforms, Shopify is the clear winner. With an easy-to-use interface, an ecosystem of apps, experts, and agencies, and a community of merchants you can talk to and learn from, Shopify’s features and benefits make it a cost-effective and simple platform to use to get your business up and running.

However, when you are setting up your Shopify store, your store design must match the look and feel of your brand and be enticing enough to keep shoppers engaged. Our Shopify design experts make this a possibility! You can work with our Shopify designers to set up a Shopify store that matches the brand personality and suits your unique needs.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about working with us:

“I started my Shopify site and quickly realized I was going to need some additional expertise. The team at XgenTech handled everything so quickly and professionally.” 
Lindsay Nicholas
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When working with a client, we ensure that your store is designed and built to convert. Reach out to us on to set up a high-converting Shopify store design.

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