Headless commerce

Create robust user experiences with Headless Commerce. Free your website from the shackles of conventional backend structures. Explore the headless commerce architecture to create customized buyer journeys on your online store with XgenTech.

What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce is an ecommerce architecture that decouples the frontend of an online store from its backend to ensure independent functionalities without interfering with one another.

This includes decoupling an online store’s presentation layer that includes text colors, styles, images, buttons, graphs and tables and similar elements, from the backend functionalities like pricing, infrastructure, checkout, etc, to make updates easily.

As per Forbes "With over $1.65 billion in funding raised for headless technologies over the last two years, the architecture is soon to see higher adoption rate across the eCommerce industry."

Benefits of headless commerce

There are a number of advantages of using headless commerce for your online store. Some of them being:

Benefits of headless commerce

Advanced technologies to create unique, visionary and fast websites

Flexibility and familiarity for frontend and backend developers

Complete ownership over site architecture for customizations

Marketing effectiveness for innovation without interfering with backend processes

Enhanced speed to market for international and omnichannel GTMs

Higher degrees of personalization for online shopping journeys

Higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs

PCI compliance mitigation

Checkout security and fraud protection

Open architecture for easy scaling and extensibility

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