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What is headless commerce?

With over $1.65 billion in funding raised for headless technologies over the last two years, the architecture is soon to see higher adoption rate across the eCommerce industry.

Headless commerce vs Traditional eCommerce

Traditional eCommerce Headless commerce
Performance The entire system needs to reload on every page and third party apps significantly slow down the page speed. The entire store leads only once; uses single page application technology for optimized running.
Merchandising workflow Often requires developers or difficult to use theme changes to update content or rearrange sections on web pages. Can use a drag and drop editor to rearrange all the sections of a web page and requires low to no developer help.
Flexibility and adaptability Frontend is coupled with the backend, resulting in little room for customizations. Frontend and backend are decoupled, making endless customizations possible.
Omnichannel experience Difficult to create omnichannel shopping experiences, requiring customizations and higher developer time. Offers complete omnichannel experiences for online stores, making it possible to tap into multiple channel capabilities.

How does the headless commerce architecture work?

Best technologies supporting headless commerce architecture

What are the benefits of headless commerce?

How to get started with headless commerce for your online business?

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