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Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

The goal was to improve the brand and increase the effectiveness of the subscription service by incorporating a more advanced Recharge integration and a more user-friendly customer portal, with the ultimate aim of converting more transactions into long-term customer relationships. The desired outcome was to create an ecommerce presence that more effectively represents the brand.

The Solution

Xgentech was responsible for the entire process of the project, including planning, procurement, and implementation. The project began with creating user-centered website wireframes and designs, then moved to the Shopify Plus development studio before the launch of the new website.

Optimized For Conversion

The initial engagement focused on a simple website refresh and updates. After the refresh, brand decided to undertake a full redesign. Xgentech provided additional assistance to develop a new design and user experience for the Shopify Plus website.

  • Subscription
  • A/B Testing


Navigation was optimized for a smooth browsing experience across desktop, mobile, and all other devices.

Comprehensive information on PDP

The product detail pages were designed to offer comprehensive information to the customers, assisting them in making informed purchasing decisions and maximizing conversions.


  • Recharge Subscription
  • Shopify Plus
  • Rebuy

Mobile First

Given that the brand's target audience primarily shopped on mobile devices, the user experience was designed with a mobile-first approach.

Ongoing Support

After the successful launch of the newly developed Shopify Plus website with recharge subscription, Transparentlabs has continued to collaborate with Xgentech through our Priority Support service, which grants them access to our teams for ongoing design and development work to update and expand the website as needed.