6 Best Shopify Themes For Your Fashion Retail Business Reviewed

Your store design is your shopper’s first look at your brand. And just like any physical store, your virtual store experience is crucial to get the shopper to stay on your store for longer, browse your products, and make a purchase. With so many of the best Shopify themes at your fingertips, it shouldn’t be hard.

However, having too many options to pick from may be confused and time-consuming. In this blog, we are listing 6 best Shopify themes for your fashion retail business, each with unique design elements and styles to help you pick the right one.

6 Best Shopify Themes for Your Fashion Retail Business

There are more than 58 themes that cater to fashion stores on the Shopify Theme Store. However, we wanted to focus on 6 of the best Shopify themes (free and paid) that serve different purposes and cater to different needs. 

1. Minimal

If you’re looking for a theme that keeps your storefront clean, Minimal is your answer. With its simple interface, Minimal helps you draw attention to your information blocks and avoids creating clutter.

This theme has 3 distinct styles:

  1. Vintage: This shows the menu bar aligned to the right of the logo. It has a classic look with a lower header image. 
  2. Fashion: This style is built for fashion stores, with product widgets highlighting your inventory. 
  3. Modern: This style shows the menu bar under the logo, with a slender hero image. This style is the most minimal.

When using this theme, we recommend using very striking color palettes and adding good quality product images. Since the theme is very minimal, your content is the star of the page and it needs to be designed, photographed, and written well.


  • Slideshow: Showcase product or brand images and make your homepage more interactive.
  • Product image zoom: Allow customers to zoom into product images to see details 
  • Homepage video: Add a YouTube or Vimeo video on your homepage to share your story or product highlights. 
  • Product filtering: Filter your products by type, price, and bestseller. 
  • Product recommendations: Show recommendations on product pages to increase engagement.

Minimal is ideal for: Small to medium-sized stores who prefer minimalist store design. Minimal store designs are well-received by store visitors since they are distraction-free

2. Narrative

The Narrative theme is built for brands that focus on brand and product stories, whether its how you make your products, why you make your products, or what makes them special. 

This free theme has 4 styles: 

  1. Earthy: As the name suggests, the theme uses more greens and browns in its tones, indicating coziness. 
  2. Warm: This style has more yellow-ish tones and makes the experience of your store happy and bright.
  3. Light: The theme looks more washed-out and artistic with this style, with white and grey tones. 
  4. Cold: This style uses dark tones, black and dark grey, with splashes of brightness to catch attention. 

When using this theme, your copy must be stellar, using a tone that reflects your personality. Ensure your hero image reflects exactly what your brand is like so that your shoppers can connect and resonate with you.


  • Wide hero section: The hero section spans across the top of the page to more than half and helps you show your personality. 
  • Hero video: You can also add a video in your hero section that auto-plays when the shopper lands on the store
  • Fixed navigation: The menu comes up as a sticky bar when customers start scrolling down. Vertical menu

Narrative is ideal for: Brands who have an impactful story, vision, or values and want to tell stories in their store using images and videos. It is also perfect if you have a small inventory and want to highlight a specific product.

3. Vogue

Vogue has a unique design, catering to fashion merchants who want to create a lookbook-feel to their store. Priced at $180, the theme is built by Shopify theme experts with the sole intention of prioritizing images on the storefront.

This paid theme has 3 styles:

  1. Elegant: Elegant has the menu fixed to the left of the page, with wide hero images and other content blocks to draw shopper attention. 
  2. Editorial: This style is more common to other theme styles, with its large header. Similar to Elegant, it allows you to keep your content blocks wide. 
  3. Organic: This style is similar to Editorial but has a brighter look to its blocks.

When using this theme, we recommend either going for Elegant or Organic. Both are built for fashion stores. If you want a fixed sidebar on the left, Elegant is your best pick. 


  • Created for large images: Showcase products in full scape throughout your store 
  • Wide layout: Your content blocks will be stretched to fill the screen. 
  • Lookbook: Showcase products in a lookbook to let your shoppers browse through more easily. 
  • Sidebar menu: Your menu navigation, footer links, and social media icons will be shown within this sidebar. 

Vogue is ideal for: Stores who want a unique design to their storefront, with their products assembled in an easy-to-browse manner.

4. Grid

Grid is one of the best Shopify themes for fashion stores, helping you showcase your products and position your brand in a unique manner. With a menu bar in line with the logo and a wide and stacked hero section, Grid is a modern theme that helps you provide a visual experience to your shoppers. 

It is a paid theme starting at $180 and the theme developers are available to help you through the setup and customization process.

This paid theme has 4 styles:

  1. Warm: Warm has a minimal look, allowing you to make the most of the grids. 
  2. Moody: Moody is more of a darker style, with close-knit grid columns and tones to match its namesake.
  3. Light: Light is a wider layout, with the hero and different columns stretched out to fill the page. 
  4. Bright: This is a minimal style with a specific focus on the grids and columns, allowing you to highlight your best products.

When using this theme, we insist on testing out images within your hero section that is compatible with each other, in terms of colors and style. You can select your brand colors or an aesthetic to reflect the brand’s personality through these images. This way, you can ensure a grid that looks very pleasing and in sync with the branding you want it to have. You can see an example below:


  • Collage layout: Feature products, posts, and promotions in a masonry layout. 
  • Sticky navigation: The menu is fixed at the top when you scroll down. 
  • Featured collections: Show collections you want to highlight on the home page.
  • Slideshow: Enable the slideshow feature on the home page to showcase products or brand images.

Grid is ideal for: Stores who want to create a design that emulates the Instagram feed look for their store. It is best for brands who want to showcase their brand philosophy.

5. Handy

Handy is a theme built for merchants who prioritize mobile experience. The theme has a balance of copy and images with a lot of white space to ensure your shopper isn't overwhelmed. Handy is priced at $160 and is versatile so that merchants can customize it to the finer details. 

This paid theme has 3 styles:

  1. Light: Light is a minimal version of the theme, with more empty space around copy and images.
  2. Cool: Cool has a bold look, with pops of color to provide a vibrancy to the shopper.
  3. Fresh: Fresh adds a tint to the background of your store, and provides a natural look to your theme. 

When using this theme, you can choose between all 3 styles. However, the make-or-break point of this theme comes down to your images. Without well-photographed hero images, the theme wouldn’t look as elegant as it does.


  • Mobile-first design: The theme is built for mobile experience. 
  • Custom promotion tiles: Customize your storefront with tiles that can be placed and set up the way you want it to.
  • Continuous product scroll: Infinite scrolling between product pages allows you to engage your shoppers better.

Handy is ideal for: Merchants who want a product-focused design but want it to be highly responsive for mobile.

6. Context

Context is built for stores of all sizes. It is a storytelling theme, with hero images making up the bulk of the storefront. Priced at $180, Context has received praise from many merchants due to its ease of setup and excellent customer support team.

This paid theme has 3 styles:

  1. Chic: Chic has more white hues and is the minimal version of the theme.
  2. Modern: Modern uses greys to keep your design less monotonous.
  3. Essential: Essential has warmer tones than the other two styles.

When using this theme, ensure your storefront has images that match in color palette. With images that look like they were from the same color palette, you will be able to deliver a store experience that is refined and in sync.


  • Designed for visual storytelling: You can add large images that stretch across the page. 
  • Advanced product filtering: Customers can filter products with different criteria. 

Context is ideal for: Stores who want to tell a story and build a narrative around their brand/products. Best suited for medium-to-large inventory stores.

What makes a theme perfect for your fashion retail business?

The process of picking a theme for your Shopify store must be thorough since the design makes a huge difference to the experience your store provides. 

Before picking a theme, you need to first list your requirements, understand what your competitors are doing, list specific features you need to have, and set a budget. 

Once you have these specific details, you can start browsing for a theme. Our Guide to Picking The Right Theme For Your Shopify Store gives you a 6-step checklist to find the theme that is right for you. 

Ensure your store theme creates delightful experience fashion retail business

The theme you chose makes a difference in how shoppers interact with your store and whether they will stay on your Shopify store for longer or not. We hope this guide helps you quicken the process of picking a theme that works for you and shows your brand personality through it.

We understand that setting up your online store for the first time is hard. You have many steps to take, from digitizing your inventory to syncing your online store with your customer list and more. 

Design shouldn't be a worry. That's where we'd like to help. 

The XgenTech team focuses on understanding what your brand is about and helps you design a store that is customized to reflect your personality, making your store visitors fall in love with your brand. 

Need help? Reach out to us on


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