Best Shopify Themes: Detailed Review of Impulse Shopify Theme

This is our series on reviewing the best Shopify themes.

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, where first impressions and user experience can make or break a business, the importance of a good Shopify theme cannot be overstated. A well-designed theme not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of an online store but also plays a vital role in capturing the attention of potential customers and guiding them through a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey. 

From establishing brand identity and credibility to optimizing functionality and mobile responsiveness, a carefully chosen Shopify theme acts as a powerful tool in shaping the success of an eCommerce venture. 

With countless options available, selecting the right theme becomes a strategic decision that can significantly impact sales, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

One such Shopify theme that has been driving a crazy amount of attention is the Impulse theme. This is a theme that most Shopify merchants cannot seem to stop raving about! In today’s blog, we explore the Impulse theme and conduct a thorough review.

Shopify Impulse Theme: An Introduction

The Impulse theme by Archetype is a modern and feature-rich Shopify theme that offers a professional and visually appealing design.

Shopify Impulse Theme

With its sleek and modern design, Impulse combines seamless functionality with a focus on aesthetics, creating an immersive and engaging online shopping experience. From its customizable homepage sections to its intuitive navigation, this theme empowers merchants to showcase their products with style and effortlessly establish a strong brand presence. 

Whether you're a small boutique or a thriving online store, the Impulse theme elevates your eCommerce business to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

modern and feature-rich Shopify theme


The Impulse theme is available at a flat price of $350 USD.

Impulse Theme Presets

The Shopify Impulse theme offers three different styles: Modern, Clean, and Bold. Each style creates a unique feeling and is suitable for different industries and types of stores.

Modern Style

The Modern style has a high-end fashion store vibe to it. It features a classic brand logo in the center of the header, multi-level menus, big banners with high-quality images and cool parallax effects, large promotion tiles with tempting discounts, and gift card CTA buttons. The homepage is visually-focused and works best for large inventory stores, especially clothing and fashion shops.

modern and feature-rich Shopify theme

Clean Style

The Clean style is simpler than the Modern one. It has big hero banners that capture visitors' attention, but the overlay header makes the store look more "clean" and direct. The style focuses more on product visuals and collections, with directly featured collections or medium-sized and product-focused collection banners on the home page. This style is great for stores with many products and collections.

Shopify theme

Bold Style

The Bold style has an outstanding video hero that attracts visitors. The homepage has less text content than the other two styles and instead features many animated videos and banner sections with parallax effects that enhance the visual browsing experience. The black background creates a strong and compact impact on visitors' eyes, keeping them surfing your store for more.

Bold Style Shopify Theme

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

The Impulse theme offers robust features for an eCommerce store to help boost sales. Here are its main features:

1. Mega Menu List 

The dropdown menu of the Impulse theme is organized and stylish. Merchants can add layered menu items in the header and choose to show mega menu images, which is outstanding. This is perfect for stores with many products and collections.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

2. Video Features

Impulse offers multiple video options, including video heroes on top of the homepage, video sections on the homepage and product pages, and video in product media. Having animated content sections on the site can make it more attractive and increase interaction between potential and the store.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

3. Edge-to-edge Hero Banners

Impulse allows merchants to display huge and full-width slideshows on the home page, add large images with text sections, and set up parallax effects or image focal points of a banner. The theme is mobile responsive, with separate desktop and mobile slideshow images.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

4. Color Swatches

Adding color options on the product pages with variant images changing through color selection can help visitors visualize the product better.

5. Product Page Content Sections

Impulse offers an array of cool content sections, including an image with text, an image hero, a video hero, a text column with images, and testimonials. These sections can be flexibly added and placed on the product page to give a more exciting browsing experience to visitors.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

6. Collections within Collections

This option displays sub-collections when people click on the main menu of a collection, making it easier for visitors to navigate to other collections and increase their engagement with the store.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

7. Promotion Customization

Impulse offers an array of captivating promotional features, accompanied by call-to-action buttons, to bolster your marketing campaigns. Archetype has truly excelled in designing this theme by providing merchants with promotion options that can be utilized throughout their online stores. From promotion grids on the homepage to banner promotions on collection pages, as well as large images with text boxes on product pages and even promotional elements in the footer, every corner of your store can be optimized for promotions.

8. Advanced Collection Filtering

Impulse offers both sidebar and pop-out filter options to help visitors find products quickly.

Shopify Impulse Theme Key Features

9. Ability to ‘Quick View’

This powerful functionality allows customers to preview product details without having to navigate away from the current page. With just a single click, shoppers can access essential information such as product descriptions, pricing, and variations, enabling them to make faster, more informed purchase decisions. By eliminating the need for multiple page loads, the 'Quick View' feature not only saves valuable time but also keeps customers engaged and reduces the risk of cart abandonment. 

Shopify Theme Key Features

Impulse Shopify Theme: Pros and Cons


Here are some advantages of the Impulse theme:

  • It has a very modern and advanced design.
  • The theme provides a professional-looking appearance.
  • You have the flexibility to customize header and footer options.
  • There are several optimization features available for product and collection pages.
  • The theme is mobile-friendly and offers various customization options for mobile devices.
  • The support documentation for the Impulse theme is excellent.


Here are some limitations of the Impulse theme:

  • If you use too many of the theme's features and add a lot of content, it might become overwhelming for some users due to the numerous promotion attributes available.
  • The theme lacks customer support chat. Email support is available, but it can take 2-3 days to receive a response.
  • The Impulse theme doesn't support customizing other pages such as About us, FAQ, etc.

Impulse Shopify Theme: Who is it Best for?

Impulse theme is recommended for: 

  • Store owners with a large inventory require a theme with mega menu support.
  • Luxury brands that want a modern and professional-looking theme.
  • Merchants who want a theme with many customization features.
  • Store owners who prioritize mobile responsiveness and want a mobile-first theme.

Shopify brands using the Impulse Theme

While there are many brands out there using the Impulse Shopify theme, here are some of our favorites: 

1. Kappa USA

Kappa USA Shopify Theme

2. The General Co

The General Co Shopify Theme

3. Lotus Leggings

Lotus Leggings Shopify Theme

Need Professional Help In Setting Up Your Shopify Store?

In conclusion, the Impulse theme is a great option for store owners who want a modern and professional-looking storefront with many customization features. 

However, the theme may not be suitable for those who want to customize other pages such as About Us, FAQ, etc. Additionally, the lack of customer support chat can be a disadvantage, and the theme's numerous promotion attributes may become overwhelming for some users. 

Nevertheless, the Impulse theme is a great option for those who want to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional Shopify store that stands out from the competition.

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