Top 5 Shopify Apps for Holiday Seasons to Boost Your Business Sales

Holidays are the huge opportunity for online stores to boost their business. To increase organic client base and convert them into regulars. You might be thinking “Holidays” in September?? I am thinking let’s be prepared.

Boost Your Business Sales With the Best Shopify Apps for Holiday Seasons

Here are some of the Shopify apps that can help achieve your holiday business goals so why not be ready...

1. Bold Upsell

Let’s start with Bold Upsell app for Shopify. It offers upsell and cross-sale opportunities. It encourages shoppers to buy more with just one click. 

You can set up different product offers based on specific products in a shopper’s cart, the dollar value of their purchase or even date/time of the purchase.and when any product is sold out it removes them from Upsell offers. 



Bold Upsell


2. Spently

Most of the Shopify sites send out Shopify's generic email without any branding or upsell opportunities in it. Transactional emails have very high opening rates, on an average, they have an open rate of 80% to 85% and most marketing emails are somewhere between 20% to 25%.

Spently  can turn your transactional emails into a stand-alone sales channel and you’ll be able to see business spike right away. 

You will be able to personalize notification emails to match your brand including information like product recommendations to drive sales. 

Spently will automatically nudge your customers to encourage repeat purchases.









With you can turn a one-time buyer into a regular customer by offering loyalty programs. 

Earning Points and rewarding status to keep buyers keep coming back for more with Shoppers can get points awarded for just opening an account. 

Some of the feathers are available for Free but to enjoy complete customization of rewards and status you might consider getting upgraded.



4. Privy

You can use popups, spin to win campaigns or any of Privy's high converting display types to capture new customers. You can influence them from abandoning a cart by offering discounts.






5. Pushowl

With Abandoned Cart Reminders, Push Campaigns or Back In Stock alerts, Pushowl can help you to boost your sales via Web Push Notifications (notifications sent via the browser on desktop and mobile)

You can send notifications to visitors on any device or browser. 

With attractive offers or similar product suggestions, Pushowl can help to get the attention of the buyers and more sales. 




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