Essential Features For Your Health & Wellness Online Store Home Page

The ‘self-care’ industry is booming. The forecasted value of the health and wellness market worldwide is around $7 trillion

health and wellness ecommerce sales

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Weight loss, clean skincare, and health supplements have become an essential part of most of our daily routines. This demand has led to the rise of several health and wellness brands.

However, it is also interesting to note that while this industry has been growing tremendously, consumers are still reluctant to make online purchases from brands in this sphere.

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This makes setting up an online health and wellness brand quite tricky. But, we got you! In this series of blog posts, we will be discussing the best Shopify design tips to boost your online sales.

In today’s blog, we will talk about homepage design tips for health and wellness brands. 

Your website homepage is the very first page users see when they visit your eCommerce store. This shapes their impression of your brand. And so, your homepage needs to be strategically designed to convert store visitors to loyal customers. 

Health and wellness homepage design tips to boost conversion rates

1. Use of a well-thought color theme 

Colors are an important design element that can multiply all your design efforts exponentially. It is a powerful way to talk about your brand without having to do any talking at all! Each color has a different symbolic meaning of its own and invokes different emotions. When setting up your Shopify store, you need to be able to leverage this.

Different industries have a set of colors associated with them. The colors used help shape the brand persona and perception. For instance, red and blue are the most popular colors in the automotive sector. This is because red tends to scream masculinity and blue represents reliability. 

To choose the right color palette for your health and wellness Shopify store, you need to first understand your ideal client, analyze your competitors and create a mood board based on color psychology. 

Here are some colors that you can consider adding to your health and wellness brand kit and why -

  • Purple - It symbolizes ambition and devotion. This is needed when one chooses to take care of and improve their health
  • Orange - It signifies happiness, encouragement, and health
  • Green - It denotes progress and freshness
  • Pink - It shows kindness and affection

We even made a social post around the same:


2. Clear hero image with value proposition mentioned

Every well-designed homepage needs an impressive hero element. This is the very first thing a website visitor gets to see. So, you need to plan this strategically. 

Your health eCommerce website should have a clear and high-quality image preferably displaying your products in their full glory. It's best to keep this as minimal as possible. 

Apart from the pictures, the copy used in your hero element is also crucial. This is your sales pitch; a one-line sales pitch usually. So, get creative and display your brand’s value proposition in the most concise yet persuasive way. 

Here’s an example from the Fitbit homepage -

Clear hero image with value proposition mentioned


Alternatively, if not the hero image, you can also have a dedicated separate section on the home page for the same like Hims does: 


dedicated separate section on the home page

3. Best-seller section

Showcasing best seller products helps direct a user’s attention. It aids in helping them make quicker and better decisions. The homepage is a great place to display this section. Ideally, you can place it right below the hero element.

Here’s an example from the Yogamere Shopify website -


Best-seller section


If you go by statistics, product recommendations at the right stage of an online shopper’s journey, can increase your store conversions by almost 49%.

4. Add customer reviews/testimonials

Social proof can massively impact a consumer’s purchase decision. Add a dedicated section to share what your other customers think about your brand. 

Cosmix is an Indian brand that makes plant-based mixes. Here’s how they have added social proof on their homepage.

Add customer reviews/testimonials


Another way of displaying social proof, is sharing what your existing customers are talking about your brand on social media with the help of a social listening tool. Here’s how Levels does it: 



To put things in perspective, almost 87% of buying decisions are made based on the research made around products; which primarily includes looking into product reviews, ratings and testimonials. 

5. Mention the health professionals behind the science of your brand

While building trust and credibility is an absolute necessity for all industries in the eCommerce sphere, it is particularly crucial for the health and wellness domain. This is an industry that needs to be blacked by doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers, or any other health professional. Just tall tales are not going to help. This is why you need to mention the people behind the ‘science’ of your brand. 

Take a look at how Love Wellness executes this -

Mention the health professionals behind the science of your brand

6. Talk about your ‘science’

Now, just mentioning the people behind your ‘science’ is not going to be enough. Talk about that ‘science’. Stress on why your health and wellness brand is so effective. Consumers of today are well-informed and smarter. They need facts to back any claim made by brands. 

This section on your homepage is going to be your star section. This is the section that is going to help you stand out from your competitors. And so, put thorough thought into how you can describe what your brand does in the most comprehensive form.

Here’s an example from Superfeet -

Talk about your ‘science’

7. Talk about your impact

Consumers subscribe to health and wellness brands with a specific goal in mind. And so, understanding your place in your consumer’s wellness journey is detrimental.

Show them what they want to see. It’s as simple as that. Let the consumer know that your product and/or service actually works. You can add real examples of your previous clients to persuade your new website visitors about your impact.

Here’s how Weight Watchers, a nutrition brand, displays how their clients became fitter after using their services. This lets the user see what exactly they can expect from the brand.

Talk about your impact

8. Add media mentions

Consumers still prefer physical wellness stores over online stores. As an online health and wellness store, you need to work strategically to build the trust of your target audience. While this can be done using the points mentioned above, you can take it a notch up by adding your media mentions on your homepage.

Add media mentions

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If your brand has been mentioned by any big media house in the past, mention it. This can improve your brand credibility exponentially. It helps direct the consumer’s perception of your brand in a positive light. You can place this section just above your footer. 

Take a look at how Binto has executed this -


Alternatively, if the media mentions something specific about your brand, don’t be afraid to quote that. Here’s an example from Tonal: 


9. Add links to resourceful content

Providing them with a few handy resourceful contents can instantly improve a user’s buying journey. These could include blogs, and/or YouTube videos. Placing a dedicated section of this on the homepage is a great persuasive design integration. 

Here’s an example from Hims again, and how they use their homepage to lead visitors to resources that help people learn more about the products before making a purchase. 

Add links to resourceful content


Here’s another example of a similar section on Tonal’s website: 

Tonal’s website

10. Share a cause you support

Another way to win a visitor’s heart is to instantly draw them to the cause your brand supports. This could be an NGO you contribute towards actively or a cause you proactively speak about and participate in. 

Here’s how Goli does it: 

Share a cause you support - Goli


A global study reveals that consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from a brand that supports a cause they care about. No matter how big or small the cause is, don’t be afraid to show it on your website. 

11. Page speed

Nobody likes slow and laggy websites. While designing and setting up your Shopify store, you also need to prioritize optimizing it to improve your conversion rates by providing the best shopping experience to your users. 

This is where page speed comes into play. By compressing the images used and analyzing your website performance periodically, among many other practices, you will be able to enhance your page speed drastically and thus improve the UX of your online store.

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Setting up a high-converting health and wellness store design can get tricky. To build and design an impressive store, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have the industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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