Instagram removes old API. Here’s how to display the Instagram feed on your Shopify store now!

Instagram has changed the way consumers shop. It has made purchase decisions more visual-driven than before and it absolutely makes sense. For a consumer that can’t touch and feel a product, it’s the visuals and social proof that matters. But what if we tell you that you wouldn’t be able to show your Instagram feed on the store any more from March 2, 2020?

According to an update shared by Instagram, the social media platform will be launching its new Graph API and deprecating its old one.

What this means is that if your Shopify store has been using the theme-based default Instagram Feed or an app that uses the old API, your pictures would longer show up on the pages.

Imagine your gorgeous-looking, well-optimized product pages showing up empty boxes where your Instagram feed used to show up!

How will this impact your Shopify store?

  • Lower on-site engagement with lesser fresh content to display to online shoppers
  • Reduced visitor to follower/ subscriber rate with no content to show for convincing
  • Higher bounce rate with only product images to show to the millennial consumer
  • Lesser on-site conversions with no user-generated content and social proof in terms of likes and followers to display

Simply put, you’re going to see a drop in your sales and revenue if you let your Instagram feed go away!

How to check if you’re using the old API Instagram feed?

1. If you’re using the default theme-based Instagram feed 

  • Open your Shopify store’s dashboard
  • Go to ‘Themes’
  • Select ‘Customization’
  • Check for a section called ‘Instagram’ there
  • See if it asks for an ‘access token’

If you see it, you’re using the old API based Instagram Feed and it will stop to display March 2, 2020, onwards.

2. If you’re using an Instagram feed app with the old API  

  • Open your Shopify store’s dashboard
  • Go to ‘Apps’
  • Select your Instagram Feed app
  • Head over to ‘settings’
  • Check if the app is asking for an ‘access token’

If the Shopify app you’re using is asking for an access token, the app uses the old API to display the Instagram Feed. You should start looking for an alternative right away!

Lucky for you, we looked through the alternatives available to analyze which app is the best going forward.

Recommended Instagram Feed App: Covet Pics - Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

We’re recommending the Covet Pics app from Space Squirrel Ltd. if you’re looking to upgrade to the new Instagram API to continue displaying the Instagram Feed on your store pages.

The app already uses the new Graph API, which does not require you to fetch an access token to pull the Instagram Feed on your store.

So even after the old API gets removed, your Feed remains intact on the store and it will take you only minutes to install and get started with the app.

In addition, the app offers more powerful features making your Instagram feed sell-worthy! Here’s a run-down of the features that make this app our choice:

1. Create an Instagram shop 

Create a dedicated Shop Instagram page and automate your curated feed to impress shoppers landing on your store. Link to it in your Instagram bio, tag all the products showcased in your posts and enable interactive shopping for consumers. Drive more conversions through your Instagram feed!

instagram shop on site

2. Upload your pictures easily 

The app lets you upload photos manually to create a carefully curated gallery for your Shopify store. You can upload hundreds of pictures and showcase a seasonal Collection page as well with the ‘bulk upload’ feature. You can also create a rich Press gallery by changing the thumbnails to showcase your brand features!

3. Create a shoppable product gallery 

Let shoppers make purchases from your Instagram feed. Product-specific galleries get automatically generated when you tag products. Embed these galleries on your product page to showcase how other shoppers are using your products or inspire looks to consumers exploring your products.

product gallery instagram feed

Note: If you haven’t added an image for a specific product on your Instagram feed, the app does not show the feed on that product page. 

4. Manage and showcase user-generated content 

User-generated content is said to increase sales by a whopping 15%. With the Covet Pics app, you can invite users to upload their own photos. Automate your email campaigns and monitor which of your customers have uploaded pictures showcasing their purchases. Approve their photos to add to your gallery!

user generated content gallery - instagram

5. Track conversions and sales coming from your feed 

Wondering if an Instagram feed really adds value to your store? Analyze conversions that come from your gallery with comprehensive analytics on the app. See popup engagements, track direct buys and optimize your Instagram visual strategy to motivate more shoppers to purchase from your store. Even identify your top-selling posts to rehash and reuse to make more sales!

Do you really need an Instagram feed? 

The millennial shopper is visual driven. We spend more time on Instagram today than any other channel. In fact, when we’re exploring new fashion trends or health products, it’s Instagram that we often seek out to - and the same holds true for most industries!

Simply put, yes, your Shopify store does need an Instagram feed. It helps you make your pages more interactive, put user-generated content to work and drive more sales.

So don’t wait another day, waiting for Instagram to deprecate the old API and see what happens!

Keep your shoppers engaged, drive more conversions and sales with an interactive Instagram feed. 

Install Covet Pics today

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