How to Drive More Repeat Purchases and Boost Loyalty on your Shopify Store

Customer retention is a crucial part of running your eCommerce store. By setting up ways to retain past customers and bring them back to shop, you can successfully increase repeat purchases. In fact, even a 5% boost in customer retention increases your profits by 25% to 95%

What's more, a focused strategy to increase customer retention can help you boost loyalty on your Shopify store. Customers who feel engaged and connected to your brand would continue shopping from you, making them loyalists.

Setting up customer retention tactics is easy! Here are 7 tried-and-tested ways that you can increase repeat purchases and loyalty on your Shopify store. 

7 Ways to Increase Repeat Purchases and Boost Loyalty on your Shopify Store

1. Personalized customer account page

Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. By personalizing the experience shoppers have on your Shopify store, you can help them find the items they want faster and make them feel like they are being catered to specially. This personalization, in turn, will make past customers come back to shop more frequently.

One way to personalize experiences on your Shopify store is with your customer account page. While the generic Shopify customer account page provides the details your shoppers need to track their orders, it isn’t customized enough to make shoppers eager to stay on your store for longer.

A customized and branded customer account page, with personalized elements like ‘top ordered products’ and reorder function will help you improve customer engagement and boost repeat purchases. Flits is the only Shopify app that allows you to customize your customer account page.

With this Shopify app, you can customize your customer account page and make it look like the rest of your Shopify store design. You can even set up robust features like wishlisting and reorder to simplify how your customers shop from you.

Look at how The Man Company has set up a reward tier-based design for its customer account page:

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Personalized customer account page

2. Rewards program

Top eCommerce stores have set up a rewards program to continuously engage shoppers and incentivize them to keep shopping from them. And it works! 83% of customers said loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies.

Using Flits, you can set up a rewards program on your Shopify store. Set up reward conditions for different activities that shoppers perform, like leaving a review, placing an order, etc. You can even automate messages to be sent via email and web push to your customers when they earn or redeem their rewards.

Rewards program

3. Allow instant reorder

Stores selling health products, food, or beauty products have the opportunity of bringing back their past customers easily. They can remind their customers about the items they bought in the past, promoting reorders. But, many Shopify stores make it harder for their customers to reorder.

On the generic Shopify customer account page, your customer can see all the products they’ve bought. If they want to reorder these items, they’ll have to click onto the product to open the product page and then click on ‘Add to Cart’. 

You can simplify this reorder experience using Flits. The Shopify customer account page lets you place a ‘Reorder’ button on previously purchased items. This way, shoppers just have to click on the reorder button and the item is instantly in their cart!

The reorder function simplifies repeat purchases and is a must need if you sell items that shoppers need to get repeatedly.

Allow instant reorder

4. Enable wishlisting to express interest

Oftentimes, your shoppers may be interested in shopping a few different products on your store but may not be sure which item they want. In such cases, your online shoppers usually have multiple tabs open which they switch between to look at these different products. In other instances, shoppers bookmark items they want to buy, hoping to come back to purchase it later. 

But, if you allow your shoppers to save items they are interested in, they can come back to purchase later or even compare different products they want to buy with ease.

Wishlisting allows your shoppers to save items they are interested in. This feature is a must-have for every Shopify store. With Flits, you can enable wishlisting within your Shopify customer account page. Shoppers can click on the heart icon on top of your product images and these items will instantly be added to their wishlists. They can then view all these saved products through their customer account page.

Even eCommerce giants like Amazon have set up wishlists to allow shoppers to save items.

Enable wishlisting to express interest

5. Set up subscriptions for recurring purchases

Brands selling coffee, food, health supplements, etc, require recurring purchases. If your shopper loves the product they have bought and plan to buy it regularly, you can make it easier for them to buy this item by letting them subscribe to the item.

For instance, if you sell coffee beans, your shopper would usually have to buy a packet of coffee every month. Instead of this monthly purchasing activity, the shopper just needs to subscribe to the product. This way, the shopper receives the coffee every month and the merchant starts to earn recurring revenue. 

You can set up subscriptions on your products using ReCharge. The Shopify subscription app lets you place a ‘Subscribe and Save’ widget where shoppers can choose how often they want the order to be delivered.

Set up subscriptions for recurring purchases

6. Display personalized recommendations across your Shopify store

Well-placed recommendations on your Shopify store can help you engage customers better. Recommendations based on what the customer has previously looked at or bought can help you drastically boost conversions. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

You can use Wiser to place personalized recommendations on your Shopify store. Recommendation widgets like ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ allows you to show items that are relevant to the shopper, based on their browsing and purchasing trends.

Besides, this, you can also place your shopper’s browsing history on their customer account page using Flits. This can help shoppers find items they looked at in the past instead of having to go through your entire product catalog again.

Display personalized recommendations across your Shopify store

7. Use your data to understand customers and set up more targeted messaging 

When done right, your marketing messages can help you successfully convert your shoppers. However, many merchants send out promotions without any data-based strategy or customer preferences in mind, hoping something sticks. 

You can efficiently engage your customers better through your marketing if you understand them first. RevTap is a Shopify analytics app built to help you understand your customers. The app identifies different types of customers, their preferences, and shopping behaviors to help you send more targeted messages. 

You can use these customer segments to set up marketing messages that appeal to that specific segment. For instance, you may find that you attract a large number of discount shoppers. For these customers, you can send an email about a discount you have running on your Shopify store. Or, you may find that you have a segment of customers who buy only from your limited edition collection. So, when a limited edition product launches or is restocked, you can send these customers an email promoting it.

Such a strategy helps you keep your marketing costs lean and ensures your marketing messages resonate with the customers you are targeting.

Use your data to understand customers and set up more targeted messaging

Increase repeat purchases and boost loyalty on your Shopify store

Customer retention is as important (or even more) than just acquiring customers. We hope these 7 tactics help you understand how you can engage past customers, understand their intent, and market to them in a more targeted manner.

Retaining past customers is easier if you provide a personalized and delightful experience to them. If you are looking for ways to personalize your Shopify store for each customer, look no further than your customer account page! With unique features and a pleasing design, your customer account page can be a personal space for customers to save items they are interested in, collect rewards, and simplify their shopping experience.

Flits is the only Shopify app that allows you to personalize your customer account page. The Shopify app lets you customize the design of your customer account page so that it matches the rest of your Shopify store design. It also lets you enable wishlists, reward programs, referral programs, and a reorder button— all crucial features to help you enrich the shopping experience.

Install Flits to personalize your customer account page to increase repeat purchases and boost loyalty.


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