Crafting Success: Analyzing Owen’s Mixers Shopify Store Design for Online Excellence

Owen’s Craft Mixers creates cocktail mixes with real ingredients, less sugar, and quality that you can taste. Their brand prioritizes on creating healthy and flavourful mixers that make their shoppers' cocktails stand out. With their Shopify store design, the brand wanted to show off their fun and authentic personality. 

This is where XgenTech stepped in, to develop and set up a store design that is delightful and makes shoppers want to interact with it.

Let’s look at the finer details that make it easier for shoppers to browse the store, learn about the products, and make a purchase.

Storefront Design

Your store’s front page is a make or break point for shoppers. This is where a majority of your store visitors form their first impression of your Shopify store and without a user-friendly design that shows your shoppers who you are as a brand, you’ll miss out on converting and retaining them as customers.

Here are 6 ways we designed and developed the storefront for Owen’s Mixers to reflect their vibrant brand personality.

1. Provide an easy experience

You’ll notice that the menu bar at the top of the storefront is easy to navigate— with 5 menu items. With fewer menu items, shoppers won’t be overwhelmed by too much information. Instead, they can easily check out different parts of the store. 

Your shoppers must find it easy to get around your store and a well-structured menu navigation is one way to simplify their experience.


2. Show their brand story

The first thing shoppers see when they land on the store is a video that shows shoppers the products that the brand sells as well as the vibe of the brand. This feel-good video is sure to make shoppers want to stay on the store for longer and spend time browsing their products, recipes, and more.

Videos, as we all know, are a powerful format. Almost 80% of people state that product videos give them more confidence when purchasing a product. With a brand video on the storefront, Owen’s Mixers could share a piece of their store with their shoppers, establishing a positive relationship as soon as a visitor lands on the storefront.

3. Minimalist design with well-placed photos

Owen’s Mixers has excellent product packaging and their photos show off just how well-packaged their products are. Throughout the storefront, we placed their product images to make their online store look unique to their brand. 

To ensure that the products stand out, we kept the background white and placed the photos strategically so that store visitors immediately notice the photos and aren’t distracted by other elements. 

4. Make it easier for shoppers to go where they want to

When designing a storefront, it’s crucial to also keep in mind the needs of returning shoppers. The second section on the storefront makes it easier for shoppers to navigate to the different categories that they want to browse through. Shoppers who already know what they want to buy can choose where they want to go, whether they want to shop mixers or swag products. 

With this straightforward design, shoppers can easily find the exact products they are looking for. 


5. Avoid drop-offs with a featured product section

Many shoppers choose to keep scrolling through the storefront, especially new visitors who are still forming an impression of the store. For these visitors, we placed some of the best products crafted by the brand so that visitors would be sure to click through and learn about the products. 

Moreover, we wanted shoppers to be aware of the different awards that the products have won. The stickers placed over the product images are sure to make shoppers pause scrolling and take a closer look at the products.

6. Show credibility to increase conversions

Owen’s Mixers has been featured in many large publications. This was another way we showed their credibility. On their storefront, we added a section that shows the different publications the brand has been featured in along with a testimonial. 

Such a section is especially helpful for store visitors who are not familiar with the brand. This social proof can be the reason that visitors choose to make a purchase.

Product Page Design

Product pages need to be well-designed to ensure your shoppers are well-informed of what the product is about along with every detail about the product. Providing this information will help your shopper make a quicker decision of whether they should purchase the product or not. 

Here are some steps we took to set up comprehensive product pages without making them overwhelming.

1. Keep the ‘Add to Cart’ button above the fold

You need to make it easier for shoppers to add your product to the cart. One design mistake that many stores make is placing the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the end of the page. 

When designing these product pages, we ensured that the ‘Add to Cart’ button is placed above the fold of the product page so that shoppers don’t have a hard time adding the product to their cart and proceeding to checkout.

2. Show products in context

On the product pages, we ensured that the products are shown within context. This means showing the product in use. 

Showing contextual product images allow you to provide a unique shopper experience, as shoppers will be able to visualize how the product can be used within their own lives.

As you can see in the product page example below, the photograph clearly shows the different elements it is made out of and how a shopper can use the product in their cocktails.

3. Provide options at the end of the page to decrease drop-offs

At the end of each product page, shoppers will be able to see similar products like the one they were looking at as well as products they previously looked at. Such personalized sections are a great way to nudge the shopper to continue browsing the store, reducing drop-offs.

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Set up Shopify store design that makes your shopper visit your store again!

While designing your Shopify store, it’s crucial to understand your shopper’s needs and cater to these through your store experience. Understand how your customer browses and shops from your store, and what they’ll need to know before they purchase. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to create a better store experience for your customers and increase conversions.

However, we understand that with the numerous store management tasks on your plate, you may not have enough time to brainstorm how your store should look and test different designs. That’s why you need a Shopify design expert to help you set up a winning Shopify store design.

Our team of design experts is specialized in setting up eCommerce stores, helping merchants across the globe to bring their store requirements to life. 

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