Shopify Theme Review: A Detailed Look Into the Paper Shopify Theme Features, Pricing and More

The Paper Shopify Theme has emerged as a leading solution for modern online retailers, offering a range of features and customization options. 

In this comprehensive Shopify theme review, we will delve into the key aspects of the Paper theme, including its design, features, customization options, mobile responsiveness, user experience, and more. 

This will also be an interesting theme review because Paper claims that whether you're in the fashion, home decor, jewelry, or hardware industry, this theme can promise to elevate your online store to new heights.

Paper Shopify theme review - An introduction

The Paper Shopify Theme is a premium solution designed for merchants who want to showcase their products both aesthetically and efficiently. 

What sets the Shopify Paper theme apart is its remarkable versatility, catering to various industries, from fashion and jewelry to arts and crafts, electronics, and automotive. It offers over 35 adaptable design elements and various functionalities like cart notes, in-store pickups, mega menus, age verifiers, and countdown timers to enhance user engagement, ensure regulatory compliance, and boost sales.

One of the standout features of the Paper Shopify Theme is its adaptability to various inventory sizes. Whether you have a compact selection or a comprehensive catalog, the Paper theme ensures your customers a smooth and engaging shopping experience. With its clean and intuitive design, the theme ensures that the focus remains on your products and content, allowing them to shine.


The Paper Shopify theme is available at a flat price of $320.


The Paper Shopify Theme offers several presets, each with a distinct visual aesthetic and color scheme. Let's take a closer look at some of the presets available:

Pull Preset

The Pull preset in the Paper Shopify theme boasts a clean and inviting visual layout, primarily characterized by its harmonious use of calming blue tones. The color scheme exudes a sense of trust and reliability, making it particularly appealing for businesses in the pet care industry.

Paper Shopify Theme

Pastel Preset

The Pastel preset in the Paper Shopify theme offers a soft and delicate visual aesthetic characterized by light violet hues. This palette evokes a sense of tranquility and elegance, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere for the online store. 

The combination of subdued tones lends a gentle touch to the overall look, which can be particularly appealing for businesses in the house furniture industry.

Shopify Paper Theme Review

Play Preset

A vibrant and playful visual appeal characterizes the Play preset in the Paper Shopify theme. The color scheme prominently features shades of orange, which exude a cheerful and energetic vibe. This choice of color not only catches the eye but also conveys a sense of excitement and creativity. 

The typography is straightforward and easy to read, maintaining a clean and organized layout. This preset is particularly well-suited for businesses in the toy industry or those offering products targeted towards children.

Paper Theme Ecommerce Website Template

Poster Preset

The Poster preset in the Paper Shopify theme exudes a clean and minimalist visual appeal. The predominant color scheme is a subdued, elegant gray, which imparts a sense of sophistication and modernity. 

Additionally, the layout is well-organized, with a clear emphasis on product presentation and navigation. The use of ample whitespace creates a balanced and uncluttered look, allowing the products to stand out effectively. 

This preset is particularly suitable for businesses in the fashion and accessories industry.

Paper Theme pros and cons

Parts Preset

The Part preset within the Paper Shopify theme offers a refined and structured design. By focusing on clear navigation, it ensures that visitors can effortlessly explore the site and locate their desired products or information. 

With a tasteful color palette that leans into muted whites and greys, the preset establishes an ambiance of elegance and reliability. This preset is a perfect fit for industries that demand precision and clear presentation, such as home improvement, hardware tools, electrical components, or flooring solutions.

Paper Shopify Theme features

Key features

Let’s take a closer look at the various capabilities of the Paper Shopify theme and analyze if it's in fact one of the best Shopify themes.

Mobile responsiveness

The Paper Shopify Theme is meticulously designed to ensure it performs efficiently on various devices and web browsers. Given the evolution of e-commerce, where a significant amount of shopping is done on mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive theme is indispensable. 

The Paper theme provides desktop and mobile previews in five styles, demonstrating its commitment to versatility across devices. 

Furthermore, themes on the Shopify Theme Store, including Paper, are guaranteed to work with Shopify's ever-evolving feature set, ensuring compatibility with various browsers.

Lots of promotion elements

  • In-Menu Promos:
  • The Paper Shopify Theme provides ample opportunities to showcase promotions within your navigation menu. With in-menu promos, you can strategically highlight special offers, discounts, or featured products directly in the menu itself. 

  • Promo Pop-ups:
  • Whether you want to promote a limited-time sale, announce a new product launch, or offer a discount code, the promo pop-up feature ensures that your message is delivered effectively. 

    By leveraging these attention-grabbing pop-ups, you can create a sense of FOMO, effectively communicate your promotions, and encourage customers to make an immediate purchase.

  • Promo Tiles:
  • This theme also offers promo tiles, a versatile tool for highlighting and emphasizing specific promotions on your homepage or other relevant pages. 

    These customizable tiles allow you to showcase featured products, limited-time offers, or important announcements in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner. 

  • Promo Banners:
  • To further enhance your promotional efforts, the Paper Shopify theme includes the flexibility to add promo banners throughout your website. 

    These banners enable you to display enticing and informative messages to catch the eye of your customers and direct them toward your promotions. 

    Whether you want to announce a sitewide sale, offer free shipping, or highlight specific products, promo banners provide a visually striking method to communicate your promotional content effectively.

    Optimized checkout and cart elements

    The checkout process is a critical stage in the customer journey, and the Paper Shopify Theme provides several features to optimize this process and drive higher conversions.

  • Cart Editing: The Cart Editing feature allows users to easily change the contents of their shopping carts. They can add, remove, or adjust item quantities with just a few clicks. This feature benefits both customers and store owners. Customers appreciate the ease of making last-minute changes to their orders, leading to a smoother shopping experience. For store owners, this feature helps reduce cart abandonment and increases sales.
  • Checkbox Upsells: Checkbox Upsells smoothly fit into the shopping process. As customers shop, checkboxes show them related items to consider. This feature helps customers discover more products and aids in upselling. For store owners, it boosts sales by increasing the average order value. When customers see related add-ons during checkout, they are more likely to make additional purchases.
  • Progress Bar: The Progress Bar is a visual representation that appears in the cart or at the top of the website. It fills up as customers add items to their cart, showing them how close they are to reaching the minimum purchase amount required for free shipping. This real-time feedback encourages customers to add more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping, increasing the average order value.
  • Share Cart: The Share Cart feature allows customers to share their shopping carts with friends and family using a unique link. This feature enhances customer engagement and can attract new customers through referrals. Customers trust recommendations from people they know, so sharing their cart can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.
  • Brick-and-mortar store compatibility

    The Paper Shopify Theme is designed to cater to both online and in-person selling. It offers features that bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, providing a seamless experience for customers. Let's explore some of these features:

    • In-store Pickups: The In-store Pickups feature allows customers to order online and pick up their purchases at the physical store. This feature offers flexibility for customers who want both convenience and immediacy. For store owners, it boosts customer satisfaction and increases store visits, exposing customers to more products and potentially strengthening their bond with the brand.
    • Stock Counter: The Stock Counter feature provides real-time updates on product stock levels. As soon as an item is bought, its availability count changes instantly, ensuring customers always know how many items are left. This feature builds trust with customers, as they can see accurate stock information, make informed purchases, and avoid out-of-stock disappointments. It also helps store owners understand which items are popular and make data-driven decisions about restocking or discontinuing products.
    • Store Locator: The Store Locator feature allows merchants to add and manage their store locations online, providing addresses, contact details, and operating hours. Customers can quickly find the nearest physical store, improving their shopping journey. This feature offers convenience and choice for customers, strengthening their bond with the brand and potentially leading to increased store visits and sales.

    Support For multiple languages

    The Paper Shopify Theme offers support for multiple languages, allowing merchants to seamlessly translate their entire online store into different languages. This feature enhances the accessibility of the store and has the potential to significantly boost international sales. 

    By providing a tailored shopping experience for customers in each region, merchants can demonstrate their commitment to serving a global clientele and drive more sales and customer satisfaction.

    Who is it best for?

    When it comes to growing e-commerce brands, the Shopify Paper theme is an excellent choice. Designed with versatility and functionality in mind, the Paper theme caters to a variety of use cases, making it perfect for different industries. 

    Whether you're running a fashion and apparel boutique, a home decor and interior design store, a jewelry and accessories shop, a hardware and tools retailer, or an art and craft supply store, the Paper theme provides a visually appealing and user-friendly platform to showcase your products. 

    With its modern and minimalist design, seamless navigation, and customizable features, the Paper theme ensures that your online store stands out and captures the attention of your target audience, ultimately driving growth and success for your brand.

    Shopify brands using Paper Shopify theme

    While there are several brands using this Shopify theme, let's take a look at a few -

    1. NEWT by elle

    Shopify brands using Paper Shopify theme

    2. Rags

    Shopify brands using Paper Shopify theme

    3. No and Low

    Shopify brands using Shopify Paper theme

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