Shopify Store Design Breakdown: Buon Giorno Coffee Sells Coffee Online Through its Branded Storefront

 When selling your products online, it’s crucial to keep in mind the needs of your shoppers and accommodate them. Buon Giorno Coffee (or BG Coffee) is one brand that has been able to successfully set up a branded Shopify store design, complete with all the features they need to sell to their online shoppers.

Buon Giorno Coffee started in 2006, inspired by the rich Italian coffee that the founder had on his hitchhiking trip in Italy. The brand pays homage to the history and authenticity of European coffee houses, providing freshly roasted coffee to their patrons.

Our team of design experts worked with the brand to help them set up an online store that simplifies the shopping experience for their shoppers. 

To help other coffee and food businesses set up an enriching experience for their shoppers, we listed these 8 best practices that make BG Coffee’s storefront easy to shop from.

Don’t have an online store yet? Read our guide on setting up your restaurant and food business on Shopify or simply reach out to us.  

8 Shopify Store Design Best Practices Inspired By BGCoffee

1. Provide an interactive experience around your products

BG Coffee has been able to distinguish itself with one striking feature on their storefront— a Travel the World with Coffee section. This allows their store visitors to browse their coffee products based on the region from which these products originate from. This way, shoppers can explore new types of coffee and learn about how coffee is experienced across the world.

Such a unique feature makes BG Coffee stand out and makes the experience of browsing their storefront more memorable for store visitors.

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

2. Feature products on the storefront

Many store visitors just browse through the storefront before dropping off. To cater to these shoppers. BG Coffee has featured a few of their products on their storefront, giving visitors a chance to learn more about their products. 

A product feature section is a must-have on your Shopify storefront, helping you increase engagement on your Shopify store.  

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Why it works: Featuring your products on your Shopify storefront can help you lower dropoffs and get customers to click on these products to learn more about them.

3. Allow shoppers to browse user-generated content through an embedded Instagram feed

BG Coffee often shares pictures that their customers took of their products or within their physical coffeeshop. To build social proof over their popularity and help new store visitors understand them better, the brand has embedded their Instagram feed onto their storefront. 

With this, store visitors can browse this feed and learn just how well-loved the brand is, making them more confident to shop from the coffee brand.

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Why it works: 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. This authenticity is best shown through content shared by other customers. In fact, companies that incorporated UGC into their websites see an 18% increase in revenue.

4. Allow shoppers to choose from different forms of the same product

Within the product page, BG Coffee allows shoppers to pick from a lot of customizations. To make this simpler to choose from, shoppers can click on the dropdown and select the type of grind, size, and quantity. They can then see the total price of their customization before they go ahead and add the item to their cart.

This ability to choose from different custom options allows shoppers to understand the cost of their preferred order without having to add it to their cart before. They can then quickly adjust their size or quantity based on how much they want to spend. This Shopify store design best practice simplifies the process of picking the product

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Pro-tip: It’s crucial to ensure that your shoppers can easily choose between different customizations available for your product. Apps like Product Options are best for such feature customizations. 

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5. Allow subscription for your products

Since coffee is a recurring purchase, certain shoppers may want to subscribe to receive a packet every week or fortnight. BG Coffee has a ‘Subscribe and Save’ section on its coffee products.

Shoppers can choose their preferred subscription model, receiving their preferred coffee beans every week or month. This subscription allows the brand to build a loyal customer base while catering to the needs of their customer base without any delays!

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Pro-tip: You can set up such ‘Subscribe and Save’ offers on your Shopify store with the Bold Subscriptions app. You can use this to customize your subscription widget on your product page. With subscriptions on products that shoppers require on a weekly or monthly basis, you can generate recurring revenue on your Shopify store.

6. Allow pickup with an easy, on-the-go menu

Shoppers love to pick up a coffee to go. But, with the current pandemic, ordering coffee looks a little different. BG Coffee has been able to adapt while still allowing their patrons to order coffee to go. Whether this is a cup of brewed coffee or a bag of coffee beans to use at home, patrons can order this through their website.

Once ordered, they can drop by BG Coffee’s physical locations to pick up their order. No contact service done right!

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Why it works: BG Coffee has adapted to consumer needs and the current pandemic, offering store pickup. Apps like Zapiet allow you to easier set up such a system on your Shopify store.

7. Shopify store design built for mobile shopping

79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months. As an online business, it’s crucial to set up a website that is optimized for mobile, allowing shoppers even on their mobile to shop easily.

BG Coffee does just this— transforming their experience on the desktop for mobile shopping. This includes ensuring images are not cropped on mobile and changing the layout to fit the smaller screen. 

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Pro-tip: Mobile responsiveness is the most important factor for every Shopify store design. As Shopify design experts, we ensure that your website is easy to use on different devices and that shoppers on mobile can experience your store as well as desktop shoppers. 

8. Inform shoppers about the best way to use your products

BG Coffee has created a well-styled page helping its shoppers understand the different brewing methods and how to use their products for these different brewing techniques. Such a visual makes the experience on their Shopify store much more positive.

Tea and coffee brands need to help their shoppers understand different brewing styles and educate them on the different types of their products as well. With this, shoppers will be able to make better purchasing decisions and feel valued as your customer.

Shopify Store Design Best Practices

Pro-tip: Such interactive content can easily be set up using page builders like PageFly. A great Shopify design expert can help you structure your interactive page and make it visually appealing, ensuring your store visitors stay on your Shopify store for longer.

Ready to set up a Shopify store design worth visiting?

We hope this Shopify store design breakdown helps you understand what best practices look like for a coffee brand. If you’re still considering setting up your store online and are looking for a step-by-step guide, don’t forget to read our guide to setting up your restaurant and food business on Shopify

Optimizing your Shopify store design can be hard and time-consuming. Our Shopify design experts are well-versed with the industry trends and consumer needs to help you set up a positive shopping experience. View all the Shopify stores we’ve worked with.

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