Top 10 Best Practices for an Engaging Shopify About Us Page

As an online store, you especially need your shoppers to feel more connected to your brand so that they have a higher motive to shop from you. One way to ensure better relationships with your store visitors and build rapport is with a Shopify About Us page.

In this guide, we’re getting into the finer details of an About Us page, from what it is and what to include to best practices to help you set up an engaging About Us page.

What is an About Us Page?

An About Us page is a page that shows all the relevant information about the Shopify store. It tells the shoppers about the origins of the brand, making shoppers want to engage with the brand further. A memorable About Us page can help shoppers foster a positive and deeper relationship with the brand, making them take action— like subscribing to the store or making a purchase. 

As an online store, such a page is especially important. Unlike retail stores, shoppers can’t communicate with an employee working at the store and learn more about the brand. Your Shopify About Us page plays a huge role in informing the shopper who you are, why you started the brand, and builds a rapport.

Once on a company's homepage, 52% of visitors want to see "about us" information. By catering to this need, you can avoid losing store visitors who are just browsing your store and instead make them more invested in your store.

What is an About Us Page

What To Include in Your Shopify About Us Page?

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to include within your About Us page, we’re here to help. These are basic elements you can add to your About Us page to make them reflect who you are:

  • Name the page: Whether you’re just calling it an ‘About’ page, ‘Why Us’, or ‘Our Story’, name your About page based on your preferences.
  • How the brand started: Let your shoppers know why you created the brand and your inspiration to start.
  • Brand video: Show your brand’s story within a compelling video that encapsulates who you are.
  • Manufacturing process: Show your unique manufacturing process, how your factories are maintained, and how your product is created.
  • Images: Show your team, your products, and other images that show who your brand is.
  • Your brand values: What drives your brand? What charitable efforts have you set in place? Let your shoppers know more about your values. 

10 Best Practices for an Engaging Shopify About Us Page

Many stores have an About Us page. They usually have a block of text talking about the brand and maybe a few images. Such an About Us page isn’t going to impress anyone and shoppers will drop off as quickly as they landed. 

Your Shopify About Us page must be engaging, making shoppers stick around to read about your brand and later go on to browse your products. 

Here are 10 best practices to help you set up a Shopify About Us page that is sure to turn heads:

1. Add a section about who you are

Let your shoppers know who you are, what you stand for, and why you started the brand. When writing this, you can add a personal touch by using pronouns like ‘we’ and ‘us’. Use a tone that conveys just who your brand is, whether it’s compassionate, quirky, or excited. 

Add a section about who you are

2. Include multi-media

Add variety to your About Us page by using images, gifs, and videos. Use these formats to give a peek into who you are. 

With videos, shoppers are sure to stop scrolling and watch more. You can add videos of your brand story, how your products are made, or even of how shoppers can use your products. 

Owen’s Mixers has an About Us page that starts with a brand video, showing shoppers exactly who they are.

Include multi-media

3. Highlight why you’re special

What makes your product and your brand special? What’s your expertise? Let your shoppers know why your products are worth a buy by highlighting your USP. You may have special packaging, expertise in the field, etc. 

You can see how Owen’s Mixers use their About Us page to highlight the quality of their products, pinpointing exactly why their products are safe and delicious.

Highlight why you’re special

4. Inform shoppers about your values

Use your Shopify About Us page to let your shoppers know what causes you support, the impact you’ve created, and your goal. Shoppers are sure to get behind a brand that gives. In fact, 50% of Americans say that they would switch to a company that supports a cause they believe in.

Highlight your charitable givings within your About page to let shoppers know about your altruistic values.

Ten Tree is a store built on giving back to the environment. They make their mission very clear within their About Us page. 

Inform shoppers about your values

5. Show how your products are made

Give your shoppers a peek into how your products are made. You can show images of your factory workers, the process behind bringing a product to life, etc. Use this page to highlight your ethical manufacturing processes, the ingredients used, your design process, etc.

The Postbox is a travel accessories and essentials store. They have a page named ‘Our Factory’ with pictures of their factory workers and a short description of how they work.

Show how your products are made

6. Establish credibility

Use this section to show your store visitors how popular you are. Shoppers want social proof that the brand they are considering shopping from is popular and loved by its customers. Here are some ways to build credibility:

  • Testimonials: Show reviews and testimonials from customers about how they enjoy your products. If you have a skincare, medical, or nutrition supplement brand, you can even add customer stories about how your product helped the customer with a specific product.
  • User-generated content: 84% of millennial consumers claim that user-generated content on company websites has influenced the way they do online shopping to some extent. Tap into this influence by showcasing pictures of your customers using your products.
  • Mentions within publications: Show which publications your products have been featured and praised in, quoting the articles within your About Us page to boost trust.

7. Let them know where they can find you on social

Add social media icons leading shoppers to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. You can even add your Instagram feed within your About Us page to show your activity and let shoppers know what you’re posting.

Do ensure that your social profiles are active. Store visitors are looking to learn more about your brand and you can’t lead them to a Facebook or Twitter profile that hasn’t been updated for years!

8. Show the faces behind the brand

Add a human touch to your brand by adding a team photo on your About Us page. Seeing real human faces will make the shopper empathize with your brand even more.

Edward Avedis is a jewelry brand and their About Us page shows the face behind the brand, making this high-end store more relatable for its shoppers.

Show the faces behind the brand

9. Inform your shoppers

If your products are backed with scientifically proven benefits, use the About Us page to inform your shoppers about it. This is especially helpful for stores selling skincare, healthcare supplements, etc.

Tula Skincare has set up an About Us page named ‘Why Tula’. They use this page to go into detail about the ingredients in their products and the benefits behind these ingredients.

Inform your shoppers

10. Add a call to action 

Ensure that your About Us page directs shoppers to take some sort of action. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Show personalized recommendations of products that the shopper would be interested in.
  • Add a CTA that asks shoppers for a subscription. You can offer a discount that the shopper can redeem for subscribing.
  • Show your blog articles to allow shoppers to read more.
  • Explain your loyalty program and how shoppers can start earning rewards.

Tula Skincare shows a section of product recommendations and a CTA to unlock 15% off. This way, they can direct shoppers to relevant products. If shoppers are planning to drop off, they’ll see the discount and enter their email, allowing Tula to grab more subscribers they can later target. 

Add a call to action

Set up an About Us page for your Shopify store now!

We hope this guide helps you set up an About Us page that makes your shoppers stay on your store for longer, increasing engagement. Don’t forget that your Shopify About Us page should reflect the design and brand look that the rest of your Shopify store has in place. 

With the different templates available, it’s easy to set up and take your About Us page live. However, if you want to add a little more personality and make the page truly resonate with your brand, a custom design will do just the trick. 

If you aren’t sure where to get started, our team of design experts will help! We’ll work with you to design and build an About Us page that shows your shoppers exactly who you are. 

Want an About Us page that helps you increase engagements? Reach out to us on  

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