Top 8 Effective Strategies to Boost Credibility on Your Shopify Store

When shopping online, consumers take time to trust the brand. They rely on visual cues on the online store to make informed decisions about whether the Shopify store is trustable. As a merchant, you can easily guide shoppers to trust your Shopify store by adding elements that show your brand's credibility.

We want to help you come across as a credible brand, using tried and tested methods that work with top eCommerce stores. Here are 8 tactics you can set up to increase credibility on your Shopify store.

8 Ways to Increase Credibility on Your Shopify Store

1. Display reviews on product pages

77% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase. Reviews let customers understand how a product actually looks and gives them an honest look at how customers use the product. This is why you must display reviews to your Shopify store.

Review apps like Photo Reviews and Testimonials allow merchants to collect and display reviews on their Shopify store. You can set up reviews on your product pages and even collect photos from customers so that shoppers can see exactly how the product looks. 

With reviews, you enrich the experience shoppers have on your store and give them a more authentic look into your products.

Ways to Increase Credibility on Your Shopify Store

2. Add trust badges

Shoppers online are hesitant to share their payment details, worried about losing their payment details. This is why you need to add trust badges to assure them of your safe and secure payment methods. Many top online brands display trust badges within their Shopify store— within the footer, on product pages, and especially on the checkout page.

For consumers, a trust badge is an indicator that the brand is secure. In fact, in one experiment, it was found that adding trust badges led to a whopping 42% increase in sales

You can add a trust badge on your Shopify store by using the Free Trust Badges app. The app lets you choose which payment methods you want to display and where you want them to be shown.

Here's the trust badge displayed on Amazon's cart page:

Ways to Increase Credibility on Your Shopify Store

3. Use product labels

Product labels are an attractive element added to your product images. These labels help indicate more information about the product and let the shopper understand the product better without having to click on the product and read the description. 

By adding trust labels, you boost conversion rates by 40%

Apps like ModeMagic allow you to add product labels to your Shopify product pages in just one click. These labels can be customized to be displayed with the design of your choice and you can even ensure that it matches your Shopify store’s look and feel. 

With a variety of labels to choose from, from Award-Winning to Gluten-Free, product labels are the best way to provide context to your products without pushing shoppers to learn more.

Ways to Increase Credibility on Your Shopify Store


4. Set up a thorough return policy

Shoppers want to feel confident shopping from you. When shopping online, one worry that shoppers have is that they won’t be able to return an item in case it does not meet their expectations. This is why more than 60% of consumers review a return policy before making a purchase.

Cater to your shoppers better by setting a thorough and easy to read return policy. You can outline how long they are eligible for return from the date of delivery and any other details (like having the price tag attached and ensuring the item is sent back in its original box) that customers need to keep in mind.

5. Create a unique About Us page

By showing who you are as a brand, you can make shoppers feel more comfortable shopping from you. For new store visitors, information about the brand can help them evaluate the brand better and build trust in them. In fact, once on a company’s homepage, 52% of visitors want to see “about us” information

Your About Us page is a great place to talk about your brand’s mission and your journey from dream to reality. Let shoppers know how the idea for your store and products came up, images from your factory, brand video showing your story better, and what drives your brand. 

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6. Add user-generated content within your social profile

Many new brands make the rookie mistake of adding generic product images pulled from their product pages. As a result, they come across as a store that sources its products, which is oftentimes further from the trust. When sharing images on your brand’s social profiles, it’s crucial to create contextual images from scratch or even better, share user-generated content.

84% of young consumers are more likely to trust a company if it uses actual customers in its ads. User-generated content is viewed as more authentic and consumers feel comfortable engaging with this kind of content better.

You can collect user-generated content through your reviews or via hashtags on social media profiles. You can then reshare these images, giving shoppers credit or even use them within lookbooks on your Shopify store.

7. Embed your Instagram profile to show social presence

Instagram plays a huge role in helping consumers evaluate the trust factor of a Shopify store. Your Instagram feed helps shoppers understand the quality of your brand and how ‘legit’ you are. So, when shoppers are browsing your Shopify store, a well-placed Instagram feed can help them understand how socially connected you are as a brand and even make them follow your brand on the social media platform.

You can embed your Instagram feed on your Shopify storefront using Instafeed. The Shopify app lets you customize the embedded feed so that it matches with the rest of your Shopify store design. 

You can elevate this feed by making it shoppable. Using Cameo, you can make your Instagram feed shoppable. Customers will then be able to click on the Instagram photo and see all the products featured on it. They can then directly add items to their cart or even click on these product features to learn more about the item.

Ways to Increase Credibility on Your Shopify Store

8. Give visitors a glimpse into your team

You can build a better rapport with your new store visitors by showing them the faces that work hard on delivering them these positive experiences and products. A glimpse into your team is the perfect way to do so!

Add a team photo within your About Us page to show who your team is. You can even pepper in the names of your team when writing about the team’s functioning. For instance, you could talk about how ‘Dan from Quality Management’ ensures that all the products are of high quality. Or, within your live chat, you can let shoppers know that they’ll be talking to ‘Christina’, making shoppers feel more valued and making them perceive you with more credibility.

Boost credibility on your Shopify store now!

We hope this helps you understand the different ways you can build credibility on your Shopify store. As an online store, the biggest indicator of credibility is how well you’ve designed and positioned your Shopify store. A badly designed Shopify store comes across as an amateur online store and shoppers would be hesitant to shop from you, worrying about the quality of your products.

Your Shopify store design needs to convey your expertise in the field and deliver an experience that assures online consumers that they would get the best quality in service and product. As Shopify design experts, we’ve worked with brands across the world to help them add more credibility in their virtual presence and deliver positive experiences on their Shopify store.

Reach out to us on and we’ll help you set up your Shopify store design!

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