About Gorgias

Gorgias is an excellent AI-powered helpdesk solution built for e-commerce vendors that offers seamless Shopify integration, a user-friendly interface, and customizable features. This app is particularly useful for small to mid sized ecommerce operations.

Gorgias helps bring fragmented customer conversations, channels, and tools into one unified helpdesk to increase support efficiency.

Its email-like user interface offers a familiar environment for most agents, thus making getting started with Gorgias much easier than its counterparts like Freshdesk and Zoho.

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    • Connect all your communication channels - email, social media, live chat, voice, SMS, WhatsApp.
    • Order management - edit, refund, duplicate, and cancel orders on Gorgias directly
    • Native knowledge base like the help center.
    • Native self-service features to check order status, report issues, and answer FAQs in the chat widget or Help Center.
    • Stay organized by creating views that automatically sort tickets based on tags, channels and more.
    • Automate answers to common requests with personalization elements.
    • An ecommerce-first solution that fetches data from your e-commerce solution including order details, customer details, multi-store management, etc.
    • Customizable branding.
    • Multi-language support.
    • Social media sentiment analysis is used to scan the web to look for either negative or positive customer comments about your product. 
    • A robust and growing list of integrations with popular e-commerce solutions and add-on apps.
    • Mobile app version to access the customer conversations anywhere.
    • Collision detection to prevent two agents from replying to the same conversation. 
    • IVR feature allows you to automate the phone support.
    • Real-time analysis of ticket volume, agent activity, and active channels.
    • Satisfaction survey to improve customer service based on feedback.
    • Get detailed revenue statistics.
    • Detailed support performance report to understand ticket volume and performance by channel, agent activity, and more.
    • Turn social media comments into tickets.
    • Macros that trigger actions in Shopify.
    • Add agents (during busy seasons) at no extra cost.
    • Collaboration Tools like internal notes, tagging, and ticket assignment features.
    1. Connect Gorgias to your e-commerce store.
    2. Add the communication channels you want to manage through Gorgias, including email, chat, social media, and SMS.
    3. Organize your dashboard by setting up custom views, filters, and tagging to streamline your workflow.
    4. Set up automated responses for common questions to save time.
    5. Use reporting and analytics tools to track your support performance and identify areas for improvement.

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