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Our approach

As a luxury eCommerce brand, the retailer chose to host their store on Shopify Plus to be able to tailor the online shopping experience they offer to their customers. Picking up on their preference for high-end, classy experience for consumers, XgenTech worked with the brand on a custom website design, optimizing the look and feel to bring out the luxurious personality of the products.

To further improve the conversions of the store, we helped the brand by optimizing every page for high conversions, including their checkout process. Giving customers lesser dwell time and a highly engaging experience, helps the online store replicate the experience traditional brick and mortar stores offer. 

A centenary luxury eCommerce brand

Hirshleifers has been in operation for over 100 years, 56 years in Americana Manhasset shopping center. The brand is strategically situated in the heart of Americana with 20,000 square feet of main floor selling space and houses over 100 international designers.