Shopify Store Design Breakdown: Dissecting Kylie Cosmetics and their Store Design

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the top Shopify stores, with more than 20K visits on the online store daily. It’s safe to say that a large number of merchants look up to this brand. We took inspiration from Kylie Cosmetics to understand their Shopify store design better and share some of their design strategies that make their online store easier to experience.

What makes the Shopify store design of Kylie Cosmetics so much more engaging is that the design reflects their brand personality and displays the fun vibe that it is known for. But, there are also some key design inspirations that we think would help any Shopify store elevate their store design.

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8 Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Kylie Cosmetics Online Store

We share a number of Shopify website design tips with you, so this time we're sharing inspiration from a brand's site that is known across the world. This includes some of the UX best practices as well that the brand makes use of to increase their site conversions. 

These are enabled by custom Shopify design and development. 

1. Feature the latest collection as a featured section on your storefront

The Kylie Cosmetics online store has displayed one of their latest collections as a featured section on their store. So, when store visitors land on their storefront and start scrolling, this is one of the first things they see. 

Such a featured section helps the brand bring more visibility to a new collection they have and boost its sales.

Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Kylie Cosmetics Online Store

2. Easy access to stocked up products on the menu

Kylie Cosmetics faces frequent stockouts of their products. To combat this, they made it easier for their shoppers to find recently stocked products. On their menu bar, the brand has added a ‘Back in Stock’ section which takes shoppers to a collection of products that were recently stocked up. 

Shoppers who previously showed interest in an out of stock product can easily navigate to this collection as soon as they land on the storefront. They can then browse the collection and find the product they were interested in without having to search the entire catalog.

This quick access to the ‘Back in Stock’ collection is surely a game-changer, especially if, like Kylie Cosmetics, your brand faces frequent stockouts.

shopify website design

3. Use red to alert shoppers about their sale 

The Shopify store has added an attention-grabbing link to their ‘Sale’ on their menu bar. This link is red in color and since it is one of the only places where they use the highly visible red color, it grabs the attention of shoppers almost instantly.

Once shoppers click on this link, they are shown products with slashed prices. The brand uses the red color here again to highlight the large discount added to the product’s price.

shopify web design

4. Feature your collections so that shoppers can navigate to the products they prefer easily

On their storefront, Kylie Cosmetics has a section that shows the different collections available based on the part of the face that shoppers want to focus on. This section of different collections is easy to understand and requires no instructions, allowing shoppers to continue to browse the brand’s products.

What’s more, it’s placed towards the end of the page. This way, new visitors can scroll through the storefront and get an understanding of what the brand sells and their price points and then quickly navigate to the products they are looking for without having to scroll back up. 

shopify development

5. Add labels over products in your collections page

Kylie Cosmetics makes its products stand out in their catalog by adding consistent product labels to their product images. These labels are lip stickers and look identical to each other with the only difference being the color of the product label and the copy within the label.

Some of these product labels include ‘Low Stock’. ‘Back in Stock’, ‘New’, and ‘Kylie’s Favourite’. Each of these labels are added to either build urgency, create exclusivity (like with the ‘New’ product label), or build credibility for the product (like the ‘Kylie’s Favourite’ sticker).

shopify theme development

6. Add a label over your product images to build urgency

On certain product pages, the brand has added a label over the product images that builds urgency over shopping the item. This sticker is eye-catching, especially since the rest of the page is minimal. 

The label lets shoppers know that the product is trending, nudging them to make a faster purchasing decision.

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7. Place product reviews front and center

On the Kylie Cosmetics product pages, shoppers can evaluate the products they are considering by viewing the product reviews that are placed right below the product details. Here, shoppers can see the aggregate reviews, view reviews by individual shoppers, and even filter reviews by how shoppers rated the item.

Shoppers can also choose to see reviews that feature images so that they can see how the product packaging is as well as how the product looks on the user.

shopify web development

8. Suggest a unique/limited edition product within the cart drawer

Once an item is added to the cart, the store suggests a limited edition item that shoppers would love to own. By displaying a product recommendation right within the cart, the recommendation gets more visibility and shoppers are more likely to add the item to their cart before checking out.

Kylie Cosmetics also makes sure that the cart recommendation is unmissable, by placing it at the top of their cart drawer and by highlighting it with a different color.

shopify store development

9. Added tabs to sister brands 

Now, Kylie Jenner has a number of brands under her now after Kylie Cosmetics - Kylie Skin and Kylie Baby. 

Their Shopify store design has incorporated a simpler way to get all the brands discovered on one website. They have added a custom announcement bar that now acts as an additional navigation, helping consumers discover more products of their interest. 

custom shopify development
Please note: The Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store theme has continually evolved over time. They have been altering, customizing and optimizing the shopping interface offered to customers on the basis of concrete data, visitor and customer feedback. You can also make these Shopify store theme customizations by working with Shopify experts

9. Multiple Payment Gateways

By providing customers with various options like credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay, they make the checkout process smooth and convenient. This flexibility not only caters to different customer preferences but also reduces the chances of cart abandonment, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How To Choose The Best Shopify Theme?

Choosing the best Shopify theme for your online store is crucial for creating an engaging and visually appealing shopping experience that attracts customers and drives conversions.

With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which theme is the right fit for your business.

In this section, we will provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the best Shopify theme for your store.

  1. Identify your brand and target audience: Start by understanding your brand identity and the preferences of your target audience. Consider the nature of your products, your business values, and the overall aesthetic you want to convey. This will help you narrow down themes that align with your brand image.

  2. Consider responsiveness and mobile compatibility: In today's mobile-centric world, it is essential to choose a theme that is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Mobile compatibility ensures that your store looks and functions seamlessly across different screen sizes, providing a great user experience for your customers.

  3. Evaluate design flexibility and customization options: Look for themes that offer a high degree of design flexibility and customization options. This will allow you to tailor the theme to suit your brand's unique style and requirements. Check if the theme supports custom fonts, colors, layouts, and product display options.

  4. Review customer reviews and ratings: Take the time to read customer reviews and ratings for the themes you are considering. This will give you insights into the theme's performance, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Look for themes with positive feedback and high ratings.

  5. Check for theme support and updates: Ensure that the theme you choose is regularly updated and supported by the theme developer. This ensures that your theme will continue to receive improvements, bug fixes, and compatibility updates over time, keeping your store secure and up to date.

  6. Consider your budget: Shopify offers both free and paid themes. While paid themes often provide more advanced features and customization options, free themes can still be highly functional and visually appealing. Consider your budget and the specific features you require to make an informed decision.

Set up a Shopify store design like Kylie Cosmetics!

Setting up a Shopify store design is no easy task. If you’re looking for a design like Kylie Cosmetics, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have the industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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Our team of Shopify experts works with Shopify merchants like you to the store design that reflects the personality of your brand and caters to the functionalities you require. Whether you want to revamp your existing design or build a new one from scratch, we will help you create a positive shopping experience on your Shopify store design. 

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