26 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales In 2023

Check out the best Shopify apps you must have to boost your business sales in 2023.

Want to see your online sales reach the sky? You sure do! 

Your first step should be to set up a Shopify store. 

Next, drive traffic and conversions.

But setting up a Shopify site is just the beginning. To turn visitors into customers, you’ll need to set up many functions on your site.

Thankfully, there are solutions for that—free and paid Shopify apps!

Here, we share the best Shopify apps you must install on your site to boost sales.

Must have apps for Shopify businesses 

Customer acquisition 

1. Enlistly - Affiliate and influencer marketing

Enlistly helps set up and scale affiliate, influencer, and referral marketing campaigns. The app includes features such as personalized and trackable URLs, custom codes, flexible commissions, payouts, etc. 

The app provides five pricing plans: Free, Squad (50 affiliates), Company (1000 affiliates), and Battalion (unlimited affiliates).

2. AdRoll - Marketing and advertising

Designed to ease omnichannel marketing campaigns, AdRoll is one of the best Shopify apps for marketing. It helps manage email and ad campaigns across channels via one unified place. The app’s features include an asset library, performance reporting for all channels, and shared target audience management, among others.

AdRoll offers two plans: a free plan for ads and a plan for marketing and ads priced at $40 per month.

3. Snapchat Ads - Shoppable Snapchat ads

Snapchat Ads brings to the table the ability to easily create customized ads for your business. The app makes it easy to create and share ads on Snapchat and reach the target audience. 

The app enables you to sync your product catalog, measure campaign performance, and more. Snapchat Ads is free to install.

4. TinyIMG - SEO, image, and speed optimizer 

TinyIMG is an image and SEO optimizer tool that helps optimize speed and SEO for features such as image ALT text, plugin SEO, meta tags, photo resizing, etc. The app shares SEO reports to boost results faster. The other features of the app include image compression, resizing, alt text generator, and broken link detection.

The app is free to install and has four pricing models: Pay as you go, 24 months plan, beginner, and advanced plans.

Conversion optimization 

5. Bold Price - Pricing management

Bold is a pricing management app designed for Shopify stores. The app helps manage pricing and promotion rules across channels, keeping the information consistent. The app has capabilities to manage complex pricing and promotions—VIP, B2B, tiered pricing, location-specific pricing, dynamic pricing across multiple channels, easily sync with existing tools, etc.

6. Bold Checkout - checkout

Giving customers a good browsing experience and leading them to make purchase decisions are among the key first steps toward conversions. But equally important in the conversion journey is the checkout process. 

Another Shopify app for marketing by Bold is Bold Checkout app helps set up and manage a seamless checkout process. From pricing to subscriptions to promotions, the app offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to help boost sales for brands.

7. Weglot - Localization

Weglot is a translation app that allows you to translate, display and manage multilingual websites, helping ace localization. The app gives you full editing control so you can change information on your website as and when required.

In addition, the app provides features such as automatic content detection and translation, multilingual SEO capabilities, and easy integration with other digital tools. The app is available in five plans: Starter (10,000 words), Business (50,000 words), Pro (2 lakh words), Advanced (10 lakh words), and Extended (50 lakh words).

8. - product reviews

To increase conversions, you need to boost trust amongst your customers. And that’s what helps you do with ease. The app is designed to collect and display product reviews and ratings. 

The app supports 37 languages, and has automation capabilities, for example, sending automated emails to request reviews. The app is available at two pricing plans: Forever Free and Awesome.

9. Scaleup Variant Description - display unique product descriptions

An app that helps you display unique descriptions for product variants, Scaleup Variant Description eases the cumbersome task of writing descriptions for each product variant. 

For example, if a product is available in three sizes, the app helps add words, images, and videos of all three variants. Its Basic paid plan is available with a 3-day free trial.

10. Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar - rotating announcement bars

To increase engagement and conversions on your Shopify website, it’s a must to grab customers’ attention. One way to do that is by having announcement bars. And that’s where the Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar app comes in. 

The app helps create and set up announcement bars- slider, marquee, rotating, and static. You can create unlimited announcement bars to promote deals, add links, etc. in addition, it has customization capabilities that allow you to change animation, colors, countdown timer, text, etc. The app is available in two pricing plans: a Basic plan, which is free and a paid Plus plan.

11. WooHoo Spin The Wheel Pop Up - gamified pop-ups

With the WooHoo Spin The Wheel Pop Up app, you can create gamified pop-ups for your Shopify site. An essential part of keeping customers engaged is to make your promotional and marketing communication exciting, for example, with pop-ups.

This app provides pop-up templates for ease and speed of pop-up creation, helps set discounts, and has customization capabilities to match the look and feel of your website.

12. Trust Hero - trust badges 

A trust badge helps instill trust, making it easy for customers to transact on your website confidently. Trust Hero is an app designed to display trust badges on your Shopify site. Its style editor feature helps customize badges to match your brand. 

The app supports more than 115 payment and security badges. What is more, the app’s 24/7 customer support executives make it easy to overcome any challenges you may face. 

13. Hulk Form Builder - form creator

To collect data from customers on your Shopify store, you’ll require forms to capture information from them. That’s what Hulk Form Builder does best. The app helps design basic or complex forms that make it easy to extract information from customers.

Among the app’s capabilities are different types of forms, compatibility with the latest themes, Google reCaptcha, customization, etc. The app is available in three pricing models: a Basic free plan, a Pro plan, and a Pro+ plan.

Customer engagement 

14. Gorgias - Live chat and helpdesk

Gorgias is a customer service app that centralizes all your customer support tickets in one place. The result- your customer service executives can view all of a customer’s data, have a holistic view, and respond accordingly with the best solutions.

The app integrates live chat, social media, and text, which ensures your customers can contact you from any channel. The app’s features help increase conversion rates by enabling personalization via customer service. The app is available in five pricing plans: Starter, Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise. 

15. Omnisend - email and SMS marketing

One of the best Shopify apps for marketing, Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing automation app. The app has capabilities such as segmentation, automated emails and SMS, customizable templates, integration with other apps, easy data sync and migration, and 24/7 customer support.

Omnisend makes marketing tasks easy via automated emails and texts, which helps boost sales with less effort. The app can also be used to promote other channels of your business, for example, newsletters. The app offers a Free, Standard, and Pro plan. 

16. Klaviyo - email marketing

Another email marketing app designed for Shopify stores’ success is Klaviyo. It provides advanced segmentation, behavior-based automation, customization, and targeted forms features, among others. 

In addition, the app combines email and SMS for better results. Among its other capabilities are pop-ups, forms, click-to-text, keyword opt-in, and consent at checkout. 

17. PushOwl - web push notifications

An excellent way to reach customers wherever they are on the internet is by way of web push notifications. And that’s what PushOwl is designed for. The web push notification app helps target customers, recover abandoned carts, increase subscriptions, gather customer data, personalize marketing campaigns, and track the performance of your campaigns. 

The app is available in three pricing variants: a free plan, and two business plans - one for 10,000 impressions and one for 20,000 impressions.

Customer retention 

18. - Customer loyalty

A loyalty program management app, helps you build loyalty, points, VIP, and referral programs with ease, without any tech expertise requirement. The app connects well with other digital tools on your Shopify store. Besides, its easy-to-use features make changes a breeze. The app is available with three pricing options: Starter, Growth, and Pro.

19. Recharge Subscriptions - subscription model

The subscription business model is taking the eCommerce industry by storm. And to succeed, brands need an efficient subscription management app. Recharge Subscriptions high-level customization enables customers to control their subscription plans and advanced integrations for brands. The app is available in two pricing plans: Standard and Pro.

20. Bold Subscription - subscription model

The Bold Subscription app enables Shopify brands to build, set up and grow subscription businesses with capabilities such as a powerful customer portal that makes it easy for customers to shop and engage. The app provides features such as pause, swap, snooze, edit, cancellation management, and advanced credit card dunning, among others. It has a 60-day free trial.

21. Shopney - mobile app builder

While it’s important to have a mobile-optimized website, what’s even more important to today’s digital-savvy customers is having a mobile app for your Shopify store. That’s where Shopney comes in! The mobile app builder allows you to create an app within hours. It provides merchandising capabilities with theme options, real-time experiences, personalization features, and more. The app has three plans with a 30-day trial period: Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

Customer experience 

22. Flits - customer account page

Flits is a customer account page app that offers paid add-on features such as Wishlist, Recently Viewed Products, Social Login, Store Credits, and more. The app helps enhance customers’ experience on your website as well as on the customer account page. Flits customer account page app is available in three pricing plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

23. Zapiet - curbside pickup

Zapiet is a pickup and local delivery app for Shopify stores. The app helps manage product availability control, live multi-location inventory, and fraud prevention, among other tools for organizing orders and deliveries. What is more, the app automates rate-setting according to distance and zip codes. It is one of the best Shopify apps for marketing to help enhance customer experience.

24. Signifyd - fraud protection 

The Signifyd is centered around your business protection. The app’s fraud protection capabilities apply machine learning to evaluate orders at checkout and share instant decisions. The app helps shift chargeback loss liabilities away from Shopify merchants. The app is available at a Standard plan with a 15-day free trial.

Store theme customization

25. XgenTech - customized store 

XgenTech helps eCommerce brands enhance their customers’ experience on the website by offering design, functionality, and overall expertise on Shopify stores. From web design and SEO marketing to store speed optimization, XgenTech works with the best Shopify apps and partners to fulfill the all-around requirements of businesses.

26. Out of the sandbox - themes and theme updater

To make the best impression on customers, your Shopify store needs the best themes that are constantly updated. That’s where Out Of the Sandbox comes into the picture. An official Shopify partner, it offers best-selling premium themes that promise top functionality and performance. 

How to get started with the best Shopify apps?

These are just a few of the best free and paid Shopify apps that you could install on your Shopify site to help you manage and automate the many different tasks, so you can free your time for the more strategic aspects of your business that demand your attention.

But you might not want to get busy setting up these apps on your own—that’s where XgenTech comes in to help you out!

Reach out to XgenTech to get started with these and many more Shopify apps!

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