eCommerce Fashion Marketing - Strategies to boost Sell for Shopify Fashion Stores

Once you’ve set up your Shopify store, it’s time to attract new shoppers and capture purchases for your product catalog. A well-planned eCommerce fashion marketing strategy can help you successfully sell on your Shopify fashion store and set you up for future.

To make your job easier, we listed 10 strategies that you can get started with to sell for your Shopify fashion store.

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10 Strategies to boost Sell for Shopify Fashion Stores

1. Send messages to offline customers with SMS marketing

As an instant marketing channel, SMS is a must-have for every Shopify fashion store. SMS has open rates as high as 98% and gets higher responses than any other channel. By using SMS, you can send your fashion shoppers promotions about your sales and products and get instant clicks.

You can start using SMS with the SMSBump app. The SMS marketing app lets you set up SMS campaigns, run automated cart recovery text messages, and even upsell other items. The app is known for its personalization

2. Increase sales with personalized recommendations

With 30% of Amazon's revenue coming from personalized recommendations, it's crucial for stores with large catalogs, especially fashion brands, to set up recommendations on their Shopify store.

By displaying recommendations across your store, you can keep your shoppers engaged, lower drop-offs, and increase sales.

Set up personalized recommendations on your Shopify store using Wiser. With the app, you can place recommendation widgets like Browsing History and New Arrivals across different parts of your store, from the product page to the cart page and even as a pop-up. You can also monitor how these different recommendations perform, optimizing how they look and where they are placed.

See how Hirshleifers sets up personalized recommendations on its storefront.

Increase sales with personalized recommendations

3. Use Instagram to build a community with your shoppers

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is a visual platform, helping anyone capture an audience and sell their products and services. As an online business, it’s crucial to stay visible across this booming social platform. 

When setting up your presence on Instagram, share value-adding content like how to style your products. Using the Facebook app on the Shopify App Store, you can link your catalog and allow shoppers to browse your products within Instagram directly. This way, you can make shopping a part of the social media experience and get shoppers to buy from you seamlessly.

Here are a few tips to using Instagram for your Shopify fashion store:

  • Share feed posts about your products and use visually attractive images to capture attention.
  • Use hashtags to reach new audiences.
  • Create Reels on how to use your products and get fast organic reach.
  • Interact with existing followers with your Stories, using quiz stickers and sharing behind-the-scenes.

4. Build relationships with customers using email marketing

Despite being an old channel, email is still relevant. But, the status quo of setting up boring and generic emails has stopped generating clicks and has even started to drive high unsubscribes. 

The secret to better email marketing is personalization. By personalizing your emails, you can connect with your customers better, make them care about your brand, and bring them back to buy. Customers will be more invested in your fashion brand, helping you build a relationship with them and increasing loyalty.

Segmented, targeted, and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue.

Using Omnisend, you can run highly specific email campaigns based on the products that your shoppers bought. You can even set up automated emails that are sent based on specific actions taken, helping you communicate with your customers effectively.

5. Get instant visibility through web push notifications

Running a flash sale or want to reach your customers instantly? Web push notifications are the ideal channel for you!

With web push, your shoppers receive messages on their device screens, ensuring that your time-sensitive promotions get instant response. Firepush is a Shopify web push notification app, letting you capture shoppers as web push subscribers through your storefront and later sending them notifications. 

6. Reach billions of active users with Facebook Messenger

There are 1.3 billion Messenger users globally, giving you a large audience to market to. As a growing marketing medium, Messenger is a must-have channel for every Shopify fashion brand, letting you remind shoppers about their abandoned carts and setting up a highly conversational sequence to engage and convert shoppers.

You can set up Messenger marketing using Recart. The Shopify app lets you set up a one-click subscription method on your Shopify store, send promotions about your brand via the channel, and automate cart recovery.

The app also lets you build highly personalized campaigns that are conversational and responsive to customer replies. From welcome messages to review requests, you can easily engage your customers through Facebook Messenger, all without manually responding to customers yourself.

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7. Curate your brand identity with Pinterest

As a visual platform, Pinterest is perfect for Shopify fashion brands. The social media platform is used to find inspiration for everything from beauty to food to fashion.

Some 77% of weekly Pinners say they regularly discover new brands and products on the platform. More than that, 98% of Pinners have tried things they find on Pinterest, and 83% have made purchases based on brand content.

You can get started with Pinterest as a marketing channel by uploading your shop catalog. Using the Pinterest app from the Shopify App Store, you can connect your product catalog and let shoppers buy from your catalog directly from Pinterest.

Here some tips for organic reach through Pinterest:

  • Build boards showcasing different ways to wear your products. You can create boards like “1 Outfit, 10 Styles” or even collate pins based on seasons.
  • You keyword friendly titles and descriptions to be discoverable when shoppers search for products similar to what you sell.
  • Repin pictures shared by users and put them within your boards. 
  • Engage with other users who share interests similar to what your brand sells.
  • Use hashtags within your Pin to increase reach.
Curate your brand identity with Pinterest

8. Reach customers on the channel they are active on with WhatsApp marketing

With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app, closely followed by Facebook Messenger. You can simplify your task of reaching your customers by setting up WhatsApp marketing and using the channel to communicate with shoppers about their order and your promotions.

You can use WhatsApp to send messages about your latest products, order tracking links, and even flash sales. Since shoppers already spend time on the messaging app, they won’t miss out on your message.

You can use SuperLemon to set up WhatsApp marketing. The Shopify app is one of the only app made for WhatsApp marketing. 

9. Increase repeat purchases with a loyalty program

Very few fashion businesses can set up a successful subscription program. For the rest, setting up a strategy to capture repeat purchases from existing customers is tricky. But, with a loyalty program, turning customers into loyal shoppers is much easier. 

Loyalty leaders grow revenues roughly 2.5x as fast as other similar businesses.

You can set up a winning loyalty program on your Shopify fashion store using Smile. The Shopify loyalty app lets you set up a customized loyalty program and set conditions for actions that shoppers can earn rewards for, save abandoned carts and remind customers to shop using these points, and boost customer retention.

Increase repeat purchases with a loyalty program

10. Turn customers into brand advocates with referral marketing

Referred customers are 18% more loyal than non-referred ones. Furthermore, businesses with a referral program have a 59% higher lifetime value and 71% higher conversion rates of their clients.

By setting up a referral program for your fashion shoppers, you can easily turn existing customers into advocates, capturing new customers who are highly likely to become loyal shoppers.

Greats is a footwear brand that captures brand advocates by displaying a "Get $30" message within its menubar. When shoppers click on it, they see an offer to get $30 by inviting friends to shop from the brand.

Turn customers into brand advocates with referral marketing

Ready to promote your Shopify fashion store?

We hope this list of marketing and sales strategies help you sell more on your Shopify fashion store.

If you’re still setting up your Shopify store, you can take inspiration from top Shopify fashion brands like Fashion Nova.

When setting up a marketing strategy, it’s crucial to first have a winning on-site experience. XgenTech is a team of Shopify experts that are well-versed in industry standards, having worked with leading brands across the world for their design and development.

Reach out to us at to set up your Shopify fashion and apparel store! 

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