Must-Have Features and Shopify Apps for Shopify Cosmetics and Beauty Stores

The only list of Shopify apps for beauty and cosmetics stores you need to bookmark. 

Your on-site experience impacts sales, helping shoppers find the right products and making them eager to come back to shop. For your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store, this positive on-site experience is crucial to turn your customers into brand loyalists.

Setting up such a high-converting experience is easy with a few strategic and high-converting features and Shopify apps.

Looking for a guide to set up your online store for your Shopify cosmetics and beauty brand? We have the complete guide for you.

10 Features and Shopify Apps You Need For Your Shopify Cosmetics and Beauty Store

Here's taking a look at some of our favourite apps for Shopify beauty stores and the functions they serve: 

1. Quiz to find the right products

With different skin types and needs, shoppers may not know which products from your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store is right for them. This is where an interactive quiz can help.

Using Octane AI’s quiz builder, you can create a fun quiz that helps shoppers find the right products based on specific needs and skin type. This immersive experience can help you stand out and make shoppers eager to engage with your Shopify store. It's one of the best quiz app for Shopify stores! 

Must-Have Features and Shopify Apps for Shopify Cosmetics and Beauty Stores

2. Set up combo packs for easy buying

Many beauty shoppers love buying bundled products. Many beauty brands set up combo packs based on skin type or for specific problems like dry skin, pigmentation, anti-aging, etc. You can cater to your shoppers better and increase your AOV by creating combo packs for your cosmetics products. 

Bold Bundles is a Shopify app that lets you create set up customized bundles. You can create these combos regardless of the collection and even set up discounts over these bundles.

Must-Have Features and Shopify Apps for Shopify Cosmetics and Beauty Stores

3. Display recommendations at pivotal touchpoints

Product recommendations account for up to 31% of eCommerce site revenues. With recommendations displayed on your eCommerce store, you can increase engagement, get shoppers to stay on your store for longer, and boost sales. As a cosmetics brand, you can display “Products With Similar Skin Types” on product pages or even cross-sell by showing “Frequently Bought Together” widgets on the cart page.

Set up recommendations on your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store with a Shopify recommendations app like Wiser. Wiser lets you set up AI-powered personalized recommendations on your Shopify store. You can display recommendations like “Inspired By Your Browsing History” and “Similar Items” on any page of your Shopify store and even within marketing channels like email.

Melrose Skincare displays recommendations on its Shopify storefront. Read about its winning store design strategy.

4. Show reviews to help shoppers make better decisions

How do store visitors know that your product is worth buying? You need to prove your quality to shoppers by displaying reviews on your Shopify store. In fact, a single business review can lift its conversions by 10%.

Collect and display reviews on your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store using Photo Reviews and Testimonials. With the Shopify review app, you can collect reviews from past customers, including photo reviews, customize the review widget on your product pages, and display reviews on your Shopify store with ease. 

Reviews are a must-have for every business, regardless of the industry you are in. Here’s how Kylie Cosmetics displays reviews to show how loved their products are.

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5. Understand critical drop-off points and optimize checkout flow

Your store data can help you understand problem areas within your checkout experience and optimize your conversions. With the right analytics app, you can see exactly which strategies work, where you’re losing customers, and even which discounts are used. 

RevTap is a Shopify analytics app that lets you analyze your data and make data-driven decisions to improve your store. You can use the app to understand your checkout flow, where you’re losing shoppers, and what kind of discounts and payment methods they use. Using this information, you can improve your checkout flow, lowering cart abandonment, and getting more shoppers to buy.

6. Assist shoppers better with live chat

Shoppers are sure to have questions about how to use your products, how to see if the product suits their skin, and even how long shipping would take. 

Live chats have proven to help. With instant help, you can get these shoppers to checkout their orders, converting them quickly. Shoppers who engage with an eCommerce store’s live chat tend to spend 60% more per purchase.

You can enable live chat on your Shopify store with Tidio. The app lets you set up a live chat widget on your Shopify store and set up automated responses so that common queries are cleared within minutes. 

7. Let shoppers try on your products

With beauty products, especially makeup, shoppers want to test out the product before they buy. This experience is easily enabled within makeup kiosks and physical stores, making it the obvious choice for most beauty shoppers.

But, with social distancing protocols and more online buying, shoppers are turning to online beauty brands and expecting a better experience in trying their products. You can easily provide this for your shoppers with a virtual try-on experience.

Set up Decorative Cosmetics Try-On to let shoppers “try” your products online. With this Shopify app, your customers can choose the products they want to try and get a selfie view of them wearing the product.

An assured way to capture your store visitors as loyal customers!

8. Allow subscription for products to bring in recurring revenue

Cosmetics and beauty products, especially for skincare, require purchase every few months. However, some of your shoppers may buy your products once or twice but forget to repurchase later. Make it easier for them to use your products and increase your sales by allowing shoppers to subscribe to your products.

ReCharge is a Shopify app that lets your shoppers subscribe to your products for a specific period of time. Shoppers can choose to renew their subscription flexibly. The subscription widget also lets you promote a discount for subscribing, making shoppers eager to pick up the offer.

9. Build loyalty and retain shoppers better with a loyalty program

Some shoppers might not be interested in subscribing to your products. In such cases, you can still bring them back by setting up a strategy that boosts loyalty. We’re talking about a loyalty program!

75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards.

Smile is one of the highest-rated Shopify loyalty app. Using the app, you can set up a branded loyalty program, with customized rewards and personalized triggered communications. The app lets you turn first-time purchasers into repeat shoppers, maximizing your customer lifetime value.

10. Personalize your store with a well-designed customer account page

Beauty brands must personalize their store to build a relationship with their shoppers. One way to do this is by enabling a branded customer account page that creates a more holistic experience. 

You can easily personalize your customer account page with Flits. Flits is the only Shopify customer account page, letting you redesign your customer account page to match the rest of your Shopify store design. 

Besides designing your customer account pages, the app also lets you set up a better customer experience with wishlisting, rewards programs, and social login. Boost customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases with Flits.

11. Enable ecommerce subscriptions with Appstle Subscriptions 

Another feature that you should be enabling on your online store, owing to the change in consumer behaviour, is subscriptions. 

Since beauty and cosmetics consumers tend to seldom change the products they're making use of, adding subscriptions can do two things for you. One, it can guarantee they buy the products from your store alone every time they need them and two, it makes things easier for them to have their products replenished without having to go through the entire purchase cycle. 

Appstle Subscriptions is one of the most rated ecommerce subscriptions app that you can use to set up weekly, monthly or even yearly subscription boxes on your store. It comes with a powerful set of features that help you customize your subscription model for better results. 


12. Enable easy purchases with 'buy now, pay later'

Want to ensure you don't lose sales? It's time to start caring about the time period in which consumers are making purchases - this means taking into account whether they're making purchases at the beginning of the month or maybe end of the month. That's an aspect that can impact whether they go through the purchase or not. 

This is why an increasing number of stores are now enabling the 'buy now, pay later' feature on their store. You can enable this too with the help of Shop Pay - an app by Shopify that lets your customers split their purchase into 4 equal payments with 0% interest, no fees and no impact to their credit scores. 

Sell better with these features and Shopify apps on your Shopify Cosmetics and Beauty Stores

Ensuring your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store is a success is influenced by how well you personalize the experience. We hope these 10 features and Shopify apps help you increase sales on your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store.

If you need any help setting up these features or have custom requirements for your Shopify cosmetics and beauty store, our team is always available to help. Our team of Shopify experts are well-versed in industry trends, having worked with brands across the globe.

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