Shopify Design Breakdown: Taking UI And UX Inspiration From Primal Wear

Primal is an athleisure brand that helps its consumers pursue their passion. They do so by “blending design, craftsmanship, and service to create extraordinary cycling apparel”.

We took inspiration from Primal Wear to understand their Shopify store design better and share some of their design strategies that make their online store easier to experience.

Your website is your storefront for the world. Great eCommerce website design can help you make or break your online business. Below, we’ve broken down Primal Wear’s website so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

13 Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Primal Wear Online Store


1. Wide hero image with a clear CTA

Primal makes use of a wide hero image that fills most of the screen, along with a big and clear CTA on the homepage. This helps build a connection with the visitor, who will be more likely to buy after viewing these captivating product images. Since this is your first impression on visitors, you want it to be catchy and catch the attention of potential customers. 

Wide hero image with a clear CTA

Their website is easy to navigate with a clear call-to-action button (CTA). They’ve also ensured to keep things simple, but at the same time tell visitors who they are and what they are about.

The hero image should give an overall impression of what your store and brand can do for customers.

2. Prominent announcement bar

You will notice a prominent announcement bar on all their website pages.

Prominent announcement bar

Announcement bars help inform the users about important updates, discounts, sales, and so on. It’s always a good idea to keep this element sticky so the user can always view it even when they scroll down.

Primal uses its announcement bar to let the user know about free shipping offered on all their products.

3. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials on the homepage are a great way to build trust with visitors and encourage conversions. Testimonials that come from customers that have been verified by you or with images of the person they represent, if possible, will boost confidence even further.

Customer testimonials

These will confirm to visitors that other people have bought from you, and they can help convince potential customers that they can trust you.

Customer testimonials give credibility to your product, and they make visitors feel more comfortable purchasing. If a web visitor is looking at a product they can take out of their comfort zone, displaying experiences from other customers is an excellent way to help them commit to buying.

And that is exactly what Primal does on their landing page. It helps build trust and credibility right from the time the user lands on their Shopify storefront.

4. Clean footer that displays all supported payment modes

Your footer should contain all the important information about your business and ensure that customers can access it quickly if they need to. A clean footer is a must, it allows customers to easily navigate your website, find the information and keep you top of mind.

Clean footer that displays all supported payment modes

Payment is one of the most crucial aspects of online shopping. If you don’t offer safe, secure, and widely-used payment modes on your Shopify storefront, chances are you will miss most sales opportunities. 

Primal understands this core aspect of running an eCommerce business and displays all their supported payment methods in the footer to win the store visitor’s confidence.

5. Mega-menu

Primal has a mega menu that helps customers navigate easily. Their menu not only has not just categories but also collections and series. 


Collection page

6. Easy product filtering and sorting

Primal provides your users with a clear, easy way to filter and sort products with simple drop-down selections. This is a very easy way to make it easy for visitors to find the right product quickly and easily.

This will allow them to see all of your products at a glance and make an informed decision on which items to purchase.

Easy product filtering and sorting

7. Quick Add to Cart with variant selector

In design, the number of clicks it takes a user to complete a particular task plays a major role in determining the likeability of that website. You should try and avoid unnecessary steps that add no value to the overall shopping experience of your consumers.

Quick Add to Cart with variant selector

Primal has an interesting feature that lets you easily add products to the cart directly from the collection page without being redirected to a separate product page. The user can also select sizes here which helps enhance the UX of the site exponentially.

8. Slide bar cart

Every time you add an item to your cart on the Primal website, a small window slides out from one corner displaying all items in your cart. That is, you are not taken to another page altogether.

Slide bar cart

This is a great User Experience (UX) addition because this does not interrupt and break the shopper’s browsing experience. So, the chances of the shopper to browse through other products as well is more likely instead of feeling like they’re done. 

Additionally, this window also has a small input box that lets the shopper add any note they like to aid in their shipping and delivery experience.

Product page

9. High-quality product images

The right image can convince a visitor to purchase your product.

Clear and relevant images that bring life to the products you're selling are best.

High-quality product images

It's also what your customers use to make a final purchase decision on your Shopify website. So make sure that you invest time and energy into making sure that these images are top-notch.

Primal uses a series of close-up shots to focus on the detailing of the product at hand. They also make use of clear profile shots of models.

10. Detailed product descriptions with visuals

Good product descriptions are the foundation of an ideal shopping experience. 

Primal makes use of detailed product descriptions with visuals on the product page which helps create trust and clarity in the mind of the customer so that they can place their orders with confidence.

Detailed product descriptions with visuals

11. Sticky Add to Cart button in mobile view

With more and more traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important to optimise your site’s design on mobile and desktop.  To increase your conversion rate, you should have a “sticky” Add to Cart button in your mobile view. 

This will allow the user to add an item to their cart without the need to scroll down and find the Add To Bag option during mobile checkouts.

Sticky Add to Cart button in mobile view

12. Product recommendations on all product pages

A product recommendation box on all product pages will offer users the opportunity to easily see what other similar products are best selling and top-rated by other customers.

It will also show products that are the most popular, helping to entice people who may not know exactly what they are looking for but may be persuaded by a highly rated or popular product.

Product recommendations on all product pages

Checkout page

13. Express checkout feature

While checking out on Primal, you are given an option of ‘Express Checkout’ through PayPal.

According to Baymard Institute, 18% of customers abandon their checkout before making a purchase due to too long or complicated checkout procedures. 

Express checkout feature

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Set up a Shopify store design like Primal Wear

Setting up a Shopify store design is no easy task. To build and design an impressive store like Primal, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have the industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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