10 Shopify Product Pages We Absolutely Love and Why They Convert More

Your product pages play a huge role in converting a shopper. Content placement, ease of adding a product to cart, and credibility— these are a few crucial parts of your Shopify store’s product page. 

We analyzed the product pages of 10 Shopify stores to understand what has helped their products convert better. Let’s dive into our learnings!

10 Product Pages That Convert Shoppers With Ease

1. Lindsay Nicholas

Lindsay Nicholas New York is a brand that creates workwear for women. Their storefront features a lot of product images, reeling the shopper in quickly.

Why it works: The information is streamlined in a manner that the shopper can easily read it from top to bottom- from name of the product to size to color. Shoppers can add the item to their cart since the button is above the fold. 

2. Sans Faff

Sans Faff is a minimalist womenswear label that prioritizes sustainability. Their neat and clean storefront reflects their minimalist approach. 

Why it works: If you want to keep all your product information above the fold, you may want to take some inspiration from Sans Faff. The page uses tabs to allow shoppers to navigate to the information about the product that they want to know about.

3. Dallaswear Uniforms

Dallaswear Uniforms has designed some of the most iconic uniforms in the industry. Pro cheerleaders in the NFL, NBA, and many college and semi-pro league rely on this brand for quality cheer uniforms. They have built a huge following due to their high-quality service and products.

Why it works: Product videos are a great way to give context to your product, how it feels and looks. In fact, 84% of shoppers say they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. Show your customers the different features of your product with a video.

4. Blue Door Organics

Blue Door Organics offers products are thoughtfully formulated without the use of parabens, fillers, or toxic substances. 

Why it works: Blue Door Organics allows shoppers to subscribe and get a discount on their orders, tapping into the shopper’s need to repurchase the product once it is empty. If you sell products that need repurchasing, like nutrition bars, skincare items, vaping liquids, a ‘Subscribe’ model is a great way to keep generating revenue.

5. Island Tribe

Island Tribe is a womenswear lifestyle brand based in California, founded with a strong commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices. We helped them capture their free-spirited vibe within their virtual presence, setting up an online store that defines them.

Why it works: Product recommendations help you keep your shoppers engaged with highly relevant suggestions and they end up staying on your store for longer. We set up a ‘Related Products’ widget on product pages to ensure shoppers don’t bounce off.  

6. Miguelina

Miguelina sells clothing that you can pack for your next vacation. Their stylish vacation-ready wear has revolutionized resort wear.

Why it works: As a merchant, you can’t help stockouts but you can avoid losing shoppers over it! Allow shoppers to subscribe to get notified as soon as the product is back in stock by setting up Back in Stock - Restock Alerts. When the item is in stock, the shopper gets notified via the channel they subscribed using— email, SMS, web push notification, or Facebook Messenger.

7. Gymshark

Gymshark is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the United Kingdom.

Why it works: Let your shoppers know how other customers liked the product. Collect and show product reviews and build your Shopify store’s credibility. The effectiveness of product reviews is proven— 81% of consumers will pay more for a product with reviews.

8. Monte

Monte makes slippers that are a mix of hotel room comfort and the sophistication of a loafer. Their store reflects their vision and their products' sleek make.

Why it works: If you allow personalization on your products, show this feature within your product pages and allow shoppers to customize the product. This will let them see how much the product will cost after these personalizations are done. They can then make an informed decision before adding to cart.


9. Good American

Good American is a brand that sells premium denim, workout clothing, bodysuits & more, providing clothing that is inclusive to all shapes and sizes. With their store design, a shopper's journey through their site is more smoother, with a lot of focus on details.

Why it works: Good American has gotten to the nitty-gritty of their product’s description. Shoppers get a more transparent look into the product, how it’s made, how it fits, and more. This transparency helps shoppers trust the online store and buy from them with ease.

10. Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods sells items like wallets, belts, and bags, goods that are based on value-driven design and quality manufacturing.

Why it works: A live chat is crucial for every online store. By providing instant help to your shoppers, they will be more likely to shop from you. 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support. 

10 Elements for Your Product Page to Increase Conversions

Here are 10 essential elements you need to add to your product page to ensure shoppers have all the details they need to consider buying your product.

1. Product images

Add clear and high-quality images of the product and show different angles of the product. You can also create product videos to create more context and engage shoppers better.

2. Description

Describe the details of the products to give shoppers an idea of what the product would be like when they use it. Include details like fit, how it's made, etc.

3. Price

Be upfront about your costs. Show how much the product will cost. If you provide customization, ensure that your product page shows how much the customization will add to the price.

4. Sizes

Show which sizes are available and add a size chart to clearly explain how your sizes are made. This way, shoppers won’t purchase the wrong size.

5. Provide a chat window

Allow shoppers to solve queries quickly by providing live chat assistance.

6. Reviews

Build credibility with product reviews from customers who have already bought from you. You can also add photo reviews for authentic pictures of your product.

7. Visible ‘Add to cart’ button

Ensure that your product page has an ‘Add to cart’ button which is highly visible and above the fold of the page.

8. Enable subscription for back in stock messages

Allow shoppers to subscribe to in-stock alerts if the product or certain sizes go out of stock. This way, you don’t lose an interested shopper!

9. Show related items

Product recommendations are a great way to keep your shoppers on your Shopify store. Set up related, cross-sell, and upsell product recommendations.

10. Be clear about shipping costs

Allow shoppers to check shipping costs with a field that lets them enter their pin code. Many shoppers abandon their cart due to these high shipping rates and by being upfront about it, you can lower abandonment rates.

Set up product pages that are sure to convert!

Ensure to always test out different store design layouts to understand which one will help your shoppers navigate through your product pages and provide them a smooth shopping experience.

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