Shopify Store Design Breakdown: Dissecting Gymshark and their Store Design

Started by a 19-year-old, Ben Francis, back in 2012, Gymshark is a fitness apparel startup. Today, Gymshark is one of the fastest growing global fitness and apparel brands globally. 

In just a matter of 7 years, Gymshark has achieved great success with building an empire that’s valued between £300M and £400M

gymshark sales statistics

Source - Statista

They have very strategically designed their store in such a way that it makes shopping easy - and yet, is very on-brand. We took inspiration from Gymsharks to understand their Shopify store design better and share some of their design strategies that make their online store easier to experience.

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Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Gymshark’s store

Gymshark has spent years perfecting their Shopify store design to not just deliver a great experience to its shoppers, but also drive more conversions. We’re going to cover some of the design aspects that make their website shopping-friendly. 

1. Feature the latest collection with full width banners and animations

As an e-commerce store, you want your value proposition to always take centre-stage. This can be done with wide banners and animations. 

To do so, keeping the copy crisp and short and the visuals as eye-catching as possible is vital. Remember, you only have mere 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression and persuade your customer to make a purchase from your store. 

Gymshark understands this and executes it extremely well. With an added distinctive CTA (Call to Action) button, this is just perfect!

Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Gymshark’s store

2. Showcasing new releases for both men and women on the home page

Gymshark has a very ‘to-the-point’ homepage making the entire User Experience (UX) an absolute delight!

By simply directing the users towards a clearly distinctive New Releases section you help make their shopping journeys smoother and faster. Gymshark even takes it a step further and further divides the new releases session based on gender - thus, further enhancing the user experience.

Showcasing new releases for both men and women on the home page
Showcasing new releases for both men and women on the home page

3. Showcasing prominent collaborations with full-width images 

According to surveys, about 57% of online purchases are influenced by celebrity trends and influencer choices. Gymshark knows this well and makes sure they highlight any such collaborations in the best way possible - clearly and prominently! !

They use full-width images here as well to ensure that the faces that hold the power to influence consumer decisions remain up, front and center to drive a visitor towards taking a desired action on the store. 

What’s more? 

They also tailor the design of their recommendation widget to make it look like the influencer’s own lookbook or wishlist. 

Showcasing prominent collaborations with full-width images
Showcasing prominent collaborations with full-width images

4. Mega menu with new releases and must-haves

Gymshark has a mega menu that helps customers navigate easily. Their menu not only has not just categories, but also collections and activity. It also showcases their featured collections along with their product recommendations (Must Haves). 

Mega menu with new releases and must-haves

5. Quick add feature with variant selector

Any UI/UX practice that makes the buying journey of the user a breeze is an instant win. Take Gymshark’s quick Add to Bag feature with a variant selector - users now don’t have to (necessarily) make an additional click to the product page to place their orders. 

This is especially a handy design and conversion feature considering the fleeting attention of online shoppers. 

Quick add feature with variant selector

6. Clean product pages with images and videos for more engagement 

It goes unsaid that customers will place an order only after carefully viewing the product. 

Gymshark adds both pictures and videos (when needed) that are vivid, high quality, and zoomable from all necessary perspectives. 

An additional element you will see on product pages of those items that come with variants, are small thumbnail images of those as well. This makes it easier for the visitor to also visualise how the product may look in other variants before actually exploring them. 

Clean product pages with images and videos

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7. Product recommendations on every product page to keep people browsing

Gymshark misses no opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. A simple product recommendation division on your product pages is your best chance to increase a user’s total cart value. 

This particular conversion element basically leverages the intent and interests a visitor has displayed, to show them products they are likely to be interested in further. For example, if they’re looking for lowers, GymShark uses this space to introduce them to shorts and upper wear to complete the entire look. 

Product recommendations on every product page

But what we also like about this conversion feature is its design. GymShark has ensured that it follows the same theme style as the rest of the website, keeping the products up, front and in-focus. It also includes the price and a summary of the product details to make it easy for buyers to decide which item they’d like to further explore. 

8. Has a customer account page

Gymshark lets users wishlist items, keep track of their orders - it’s like a shopper’s own little space. All this information is stored in the user’s own Gymshark account, that they can come back to every time they need to make a purchase. 

In addition to order tracking, their customer account page also lets visitors create wish lists of items they want to purchase, request support, exchange or returns on the items they have ordered. 

It’s pretty much similar to how Amazon offers a customer account page to its customers. 

9. Restock subscription ability

You obviously do not want to miss out on any possible opportunity of making a sale. Stockouts are a major problem to achieve this. How do you deal with this then?

By promptly sending out notifications about any restock update, Gymshark not only enhances their store’s User Experience, but is also increasing their sales rate by 20%

Back-in-stock notifications are usually sent via emails but brands are gradually moving towards SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well.

Restock subscription ability

10. Adequate informational labels

Gymshark uses an interesting set of product labels giving the user the necessary information required. This saves the user the effort and time of having to click on every product to find what they were actually looking for.

This is a UX master stroke!

Adequate informational labels

11. Sticky add to bag button in mobile view

45% of US ecommerce sales are done through mobile phones. As an ecommerce store, you cannot not prioritize responsive mobile designs. If that’s not convincing enough, hear this - 62% of users are less likely to purchase from an online store if they have a negative experience on a mobile website.

Gymshark takes these numbers seriously. And it is evident throughout their site design. One such responsive design element is the use of a sticky Add to Bag button. According to a study conducted by Growth Rock, sticky Add to Bag Button increases order rates by 8%.

Sticky add to bag button in mobile view

12. Express and distraction-free checkout

While checking out on Gymshark, you are given an option of ‘Express Checkout’ through PayPal.

According to Baymard Institute, 18% of customers abandon their checkout before making a purchase due to too long or complicated checkout procedures. 

Also note how GymShark ensures that their checkout page design remains distraction-free. They retain the important information and restrict all the other branded elements to include only the logo and their tagline. 

We also personally love the clear discount code field which is present yet not so prominently. So that the buyer doesn’t feel too negatively about not having a coupon code to avail during checkout, which usually otherwise leads to abandonment. 

Express and distraction-free checkout

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13. Clear indicators during checkout

Users like to know they have a sense of control over their experience. They like to know where exactly they are on the website, how to go back to the previous page (or next), etc. This is the core fundamental of any website’s UX.

The same goes for the user’s checkout experience as well. On the Gymshark website, you see a clear numbered progress bar of the process. And remember, numbered lists are almost always better than unordered lists. It gives the user so much more clarity and enhances their overall experience.

Clear indicators during checkout

Set up a Shopify store design like Gymshark

Setting up a Shopify store design is no easy task. To build and design an impressive store like Gymshark, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have the industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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