The Elements Of A High-Converting Product Page For Beauty And Cosmetics Brands

With an evaluation of over $483 billion in 2020, the beauty and cosmetic industry compounded to about 4.75% with an evaluation of $511 billion in 2021. This number is expected to exceed $716 billion by 2025. 

Digital channel expansion is the prime reason for this growth. However, this also means anyone and everyone can easily set up their own beauty and cosmetics websites on Shopify and start selling instantly. But, we all know just setting up a store is never really enough. There are so many other intricacies involved when trying to nail your eCommerce conversion rates.

In this series, we will be sharing various tried and tested design tips to help take your online beauty and cosmetics brand to new heights. To kick start this series, we will be discussing eCommerce CRO strategies to increase Product Page conversions.

Beauty and cosmetics product page design tips to boost conversion rates

1. Add high-quality product photos (with necessary variations)

High-quality product photography is one of the many factors that can help boost your product page conversion rates. Furthermore, displaying pictures to distinguish how a particular product will look on different skin tones is extremely necessary when shopping for cosmetics. Not all products will look the same on all skin tones. Hence, to make informed and better purchase choices, consumers need to take a look at these variations.

Here’s how Jeffree Star Cosmetics uses vivid, high-quality, and zoomable product pictures in its Shopify website design.

Beauty and cosmetics product page design tips

2. Use crisp and clear product descriptions

This section is supposed to contain information about the ingredients, benefits, and a general overview of the product. This section is particularly important in the domain of beauty and cosmetics.

Consumers of today want to know what exactly they are putting on their skin. They need full disclosure of the ingredient list since it allows them to make better purchase decisions.

Here’s an example of how Sephora displays its product information. What’s interesting here is the Highlights section which quickly lets a user know what this product is really about.

shopify website design

3. Create a detailed how-to section

Giving full information about any product is critical. It lets the user analyze and make informed decisions. It lets them feel like they’re in charge.

Take a look at how L.A. Girl Cosmetics adds a simple and to-the-point How To Use section.

shopify design

4. Include AI-powered product/shade try-on integration

Skin tones, colors, textures, pigmentation - all play a major role in determining how good (or how bad) a particular lipstick shade may look on you

The shopping journey of every beauty and cosmetics consumer is personal and limited to what works best for them. As a brand, you need to be able to cater to all these requirements. Now, with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can make a consumer’s online beauty and cosmetics shopping experience more immersive. 

On the Fenty Beauty website, you can try out all the various shades of products. This tool helps users check the product application on their faces from multiple angles by simply rotating their faces. Additionally, there’s also an interesting comparison that lets you see your face with and without the product to see how the said product enhances your face and features. These virtual product application images are also downloadable. 

shopify web design

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5. Integrate live chat and enhance your website UX

Consumers are bound to have a lot of queries when shopping online. These queries only multiply exponentially when shopping from an online beauty and cosmetics brand. 

While shopping for beauty products offline, one can easily reach out to the over-the-counter salesperson and ask for the required assistance. It helps improve the buyer’s shopping journey. This is also a great opportunity for the brand to upsell and cross-sell.

Now, how can a brand integrate this experience in their beauty and cosmetics websites on Shopify? Live chat.

This AI tool lets you improve the User Experience (UX) of your online storefront tremendously. Sephora offers great live chat support backed by beauty experts. These chats can help a user make better purchase decisions. If you’re a skincare brand, live chats can enable you to help your consumers plan a morning and nighttime skincare routine, for instance. 

shopify website design services

6. Include social proof to boost credibility

Take a look at how Kylie Cosmetics displays reviews and ratings on all product pages. These reviews give the shopper a better insight into how good a particular product is from a consumer point of view. 

Here, shoppers can see the aggregate reviews, view reviews by individual shoppers, and even filter reviews by how shoppers rated the item. Furthermore, these reviews also include images uploaded by past buyers. 

custom shopify website

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7. Flaunt your Instagram feed

Did you know beauty products are the second-most-popular category for engagement across social media? In fact, they make up 32% of the entire social media actions by product category. 

By displaying your selected images on your product page, you can make the most out of your user-generated content to boost SEO and sales. Here’s how The Body Shop executes this.

shopify theme development

8. Help consumers explore similar products

Adding a simple and small belt of recommended/similar products in all product pages is a great opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. It prompts the user to browse through your product catalog and in turn, possibly increase their total cart value as well.

Adding a hint of personalization to this section with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) like ColourPop does, you can enhance the usability and likeability of your Shopify beauty store exponentially.

shopify website development

9. Add a quick and simple variant selector

Most beauty and cosmetics products come in multiple colors and shades. Add a variant selector within product pages to help the user easily browse and selector the shade/color of their preference from that particular range.

Ensure to disable variants that are out of stock. 

Take a look at how Victoria’s Secret Beauty has integrated this design element while also ensuring that its branding is consistent throughout.

shopify store development

10. Optimize your website and page speed

A slow eCommerce website will drive your potential customer away. Consumers of today do not have the patience to deal with laggy product pages. 

Today, setting up an online store has become very simple. However, optimizing it to deliver the best results requires much more work. Compressing the images used and analyzing your website performance periodically, among many other practices, will enhance the overall User Experience (UX) of your Shopify product page design.

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Setting up a high-converting store design for your beauty and cosmetics brands is no easy task. To build and design an impressive store, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have the industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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