Shopify Store Design Breakdown - Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is on the run to triple its net worth this year after its clanging net revenue of $70 million in the previous year. With an average website visit of over 1 million in September 2023 alone, is it one of the top Shopify stores out there.

Today, we took inspiration from Rare Beauty to understand its Shopify store design better and share some of its design strategies that make its online store easier to experience. 

It is interesting to notice that what really makes their online storefront stand out is the attention to detail that the brand has invested in. Every small element on every page of the website has been thoroughly thought through and executed even more brilliantly which can be executed for you with the help of Shopify designers

13 Shopify Store Design Inspirations from Rare Beauty Online Store

Creating an impressive online storefront is no easy feat. But Rare Beauty does a fantastic job across the site by paying close attention to UI and UX which can be done on your Shopify store design as well. 

1. Bestsellers on the homepage

Bestsellers on the homepage

This is a smart strategy as it directs immediate attention to the most popular and highly sought-after products. 

Having a designated section for best sellers not only enhances the visual appeal of the homepage but also improves user experience. It saves users time and effort by providing them with instant access to products that are already trusted and loved by other customers. This helps build trust and credibility in the brand, as customers can easily identify the products that have proven to be popular and reliable choices.

Moreover, the best seller section serves as social proof, indicating to potential customers that these products are worth exploring. This can influence purchasing decisions and boost sales. 

2. Social media snippet on the homepage

Social media snippet on the homepage

The beauty and cosmetics industry heavily relies on visual aesthetics to capture the attention of potential customers. Instagram, being a visually oriented platform, provides a perfect opportunity for brands to showcase their products and engage with their audience. 

Rare Beauty recognizes the importance of Instagram in this market and has dedicated a special section on their homepage to display their vibrant and bold Instagram feed. This helps create an immersive brand experience for their website visitors. 

Including user-generated content (UGC) in their Instagram feed adds authenticity and relatability to their brand image. This strategy not only heightens user engagement but also has a positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines favor websites that feature UGC as it signals that the website is dynamic, relevant, and actively engages with its audience.

One interesting aspect of Rare Beauty's approach is how it actively encourages user interaction. They have included a clear CTA, inviting users to upload their own pictures. By doing so, Rare Beauty not only strengthens its relationship with their existing customers but also generates a wealth of UGC that can be used in their marketing campaigns and social media content.

3. Clean, organized, and informative footer

Clean, organized, and informative footer

Shopify design experts emphasize keeping an online store’s footer as minimal yet as informative as possible. This is exactly what Rare Beauty has implemented in its online Shopify storefront.

4. Ability to ‘quick’ shop 

Ability to ‘quick’ shop

In effective design, the number of snaps required for users to complete tasks greatly influences the likability of a website. Therefore, it is crucial to minimize unnecessary steps that do not contribute to an optimal shopping experience for consumers.

Rare Beauty incorporates an impressive feature that allows users to swiftly add products to their cart without being redirected to a separate product page. 

This is extremely useful for shoppers who are just here to restock, for instance.

5. Shade selector on product cards

Shade selector on product cards

This interesting functionality allows users to choose their desired shade directly on the product card itself, eliminating the need for redirection to another page. By simply interacting with the shade selector, customers can conveniently preview and select their preferred shade before adding the product directly to their cart.

6. Image+video on product pages

Consumers are bound to be skeptical while shopping online. It is your duty as an online shopping brand to develop their trust in you. High-quality product photography is one of the many factors that can help you achieve this.

By utilizing visually captivating and professionally shot images, Rare Beauty showcases the intricate details and textures of their products, creating a sense of allure and desirability. 

Moreover, the inclusion of videos allows customers to witness how the products are applied and see the results in action, providing a more comprehensive understanding of each item. 

With this dedication to visual excellence, Rare Beauty not only engages and entices customers, but also instills confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their offerings.

7. Sticky “Add to Bag” button in mobile view

Sticky “Add to Bag” button in mobile view

45% of US eCommerce sales are done through mobile phones. Prioritizing a mobile-first approach while designing your Shopify store has become an absolute necessity today.

A design element that is very useful to enhance the UX of your online store is the use of sticky buttons in mobile view. According to a study conducted by Growth Rock, the sticky Add to Bag Button increases order rates by 8%.

Rare Beauty uses and implements this in its store.

8. Tips section with visuals on product pages

Tips section with visuals on product pages

By incorporating informative and visually appealing videos, Rare Beauty enables customers to learn more about the products in an engaging way. These videos offer tips, tricks, and application techniques, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions and ensuring they achieve the best results with each product.

This section is a thoughtful touch that goes beyond traditional product descriptions. It enriches the user experience and offers additional value by educating and empowering customers. Furthermore, these videos are shot with Selena herself, which again is a massive credibility boost given her stardom and following.

9. Product recommendations all product pages

Product recommendations all product pages

54% of retailers reported product recommendation as the key driver of the average order value in the customer purchase.

The Product Recommendations section serves as a personalized shopping guide, offering suggestions based on your current selection. By analyzing your browsing and purchasing behavior, Rare Beauty curates a tailored list of products that may appeal to you. 

10. Reviews and ratings on all product pages

Reviews and ratings on all product pages

Rare Beauty understands the significance of customer feedback and incorporates reviews and ratings on all product pages, ensuring transparency and empowering customers in their decision-making process.

Rare Beauty takes it a step further and also allows users to search and sort through the comments as well.

11. Side slider cart with recommended products

Side slider cart with recommended products

Every time you add an item to your cart on the Rare Beauty website, a small window slides out from one corner displaying all items in your cart. That is, you are not taken to another page altogether.

This is a great User Experience (UX) addition because it does not interrupt and break the shopper’s browsing experience. So, the chances of the shopper to browse through other products as well are more likely instead of feeling like they’re done. 

Additionally, this slider also has a few recommended products listed - a seamless attempt at upselling!

12. Emphasis on free shipping 

Emphasis on free shipping

By prominently displaying how much more a customer needs to shop for in order to qualify for free shipping, Rare Beauty offers a strong incentive to increase the order value without resorting to being pushy.

13. Certified labels for select products

Certified labels for select products

Credibility is detrimental when trying to persuade your customers about a particular purchase. Elements of social proof help in speeding up this process of persuasion. These could include ratings, reviews, testimonials,  trusted awards, and so on.

Rare Beauty displays labels on all of their star products that made it to the Allure - The Beauty Expert Awards 2022.

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Set up a Shopify store design like Rare Beauty

Setting up a high-converting store design for your beauty and cosmetics brands is no easy task. To build and design an impressive store like Rare Beauty, you need to work with Shopify design experts who understand what you are looking for and have industry knowledge of the changing trends and consumer preferences.

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